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Aaron Paul hosts lavish birthday vacation

Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren were joined by his friends at a private Dominican Republic resort to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Aaron Paul hosts lavish birthday vacation


Aaron Paul splashed out $300,000 on his 40th birthday celebrations.

The 'Path' actor reached the milestone age on August 27 and to mark the occasion, he and wife Lauren invited a host of their pals, including his 'Breaking Bad' co-star Bryan Cranston and wife Robin Dearden, for a vacation to the luxury $25,000-a-night Ani Private Resort in the Dominican Republic, where they spent 12 days.

Michelle Monaghan was another guest on the trip and she hailed it a "privilege" to have been part of such a "memorable" celebration.

She wrote: "This past week I had the privilege of celebrating one of my favorite humans on Earth, @aaronpaul, in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, @aniprivateresorts in the gorgeous Dominican Republic.

"Words cannot express how memorable it will forever be. We laughed, cried and danced like our lives depended on it.

"Happy 40th brother - I'm so profoundly grateful to have you, @laurenpaul8 and all you other misfits (you know who you are) as lifelong friends, teammates and confidantes. My heart is feeling so incredibly full thanks to you all. (Sic)"

Lauren - who has 18-month-old daughter Story with her spouse - shared a belated birthday tribute to her husband on their return this week, explaining they had been "off the grid, phone-free" on the actual day.

She wrote on Instagram: "On the morning of your 40th, you read letters that I collected for you from your friends and family. I loved hearing the common threads throughout them...hearing about qualities in you that are so deeply engrained into the fabric of who you are that have effected the people in your life:

"That you consistently show up for people during their hardest times.

"That you encourage and inspire people to live in their own unique truth.

"That you have remained true to yourself and have never changed who you are. From looking for quarters in your couch to be able to get dinner, never giving up on your dream to eventually finding huge success, you have held onto your heart and your integrity.

"That you treat everyone in a room with the same amount of respect and love, no matter who they are, friend or stranger.

"That you bring HUGE joy and fun to every situation.

"That you dream and love so BIG, it's contagious.

"That every persons most special memories and adventures have been facilitated by and shared with you.

"That you are committed to family.

"That everyone who works with you, from cast to crew, consistently says you are their favorite person they have ever worked with not only because of how lucky they feel to witness your talent, but because of how you treat every person and because of the positivity you bring onto set.

"That you have changed the lives of your friends and have made them better humans.

"That you have inspired EVERY man in your life to love out loud and to not be scared to honor and embrace their sensitivity.

"That you are pure magic.

"You are. Happy birthday best friend, soul mate, lover. I feel so lucky to live life alongside each other, pinky finger holding forever. (sic)"

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