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Aaron Carter wants to 'stay away' from family

Aaron Carter wants to "stay away" from his family for a while amid the ongoing feud between himself and his siblings, which have seen his brother Nick get a restraining order.

Aaron Carter wants to 'stay away' from family


Aaron Carter wants to "stay away" from his family for a while amid the ongoing feud between himself and his siblings.

The 'I Want Candy' hitmaker was ordered to stay away from his brother Nick Carter earlier this month when the older sibling was granted a one-year restraining order against Aaron.

And now, Aaron - whose sister Angel also previously filed for a restraining order - has said that he doesn't want to be associated with his family for the time being, as he's planning on taking some time for himself.

In an Instagram video, he said: "I just got to my location. Super tired, long drive. It's vacation time, I'm gonna go skiing by myself. Basically, after everything that's happened with the court stuff and everything, you know, I just want to stay away from my family for a while."

Aaron also spoke about his plans to move on and "find a beautiful wife" to start a family with, as he asked people to stop "targeting" him incase his future children see the family fallout one day.

He added: "And just enjoy myself and enjoy my life, and find a beautiful wife one day, and have a beautiful daughter and kids or a boy, a family. I ask all the people out there that are targeting me to stop this campaign and whatever it is that you're doing to smear me, because my future kids are going to see that one day."

Alongside the video clip, the 31-year-old singer issued a lengthy statement, in which he said he's a "good" person, who just wants to "live [his] life".

He wrote in the caption: "Good morning world and All my LMG, I just wanted to make a statement, and let you know that I would never want to hurt anyone my family and being a silence breaker has been a very difficult task but something I just want to see people who have done wrong apologize for.

"I am who I am, I'm good to people, I get back, and I really love making music. To everyone who didn't believe in me and then I thought back against when they took it advantage of me when I did start to succeed again in the last couple of years I forgive you too I just ask that you do the right thing and let me live my life and stop with the smear campaign because my children are going to see this one day and I'm trying to better myself every day with my sobriety my mind my body and my soul taking care of myself going to the doctors and people always say I have to ignore proving myself but there's a reason why I do and that's to show you Who I really am. #almg (sic)"

Earlier this week, Nick was granted a restraining order against Aaron, after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife, Lauren Kitt.

The Backstreet Boys star wrote on social media in September: "In light of Aaron's increasingly alarming behaviour and his recent confession that he harbours thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child, we were left with no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family. We love our brother and truly hope he gets the proper treatment he needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else (sic)."

Aaron had previously responded to deny his brother's claims he threatened his family.

In a statement, he wrote: "I have never had thoughts of causing anyone pain, let alone taking anyone's life. It was hurtful for me to read those things because if these people really knew me, they would have never used that as a tactic to control me.

"What's actually more hurtful though, is knowing how effected my innocent nieces and nephews will be by choices the adults around them have made. With that in mind, I ask everyone to please leave me alone and let the legal system do their thing. (sic)"

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