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Aaron Carter is giving up his assault rifles

Aaron Carter is allegedly giving his assault rifles to police officials, although he will keep hold of his pistol and his shotgun.

Aaron Carter is giving up his assault rifles


Aaron Carter is allegedly giving up his assault rifles.

The 31-year-old singer - who has revealed he's suffering from a number of mental illnesses and is on medication for them - has been adamant over recent months that he won't be giving up any of his collection of guns, but according to TMZ, he has now decided that his assault weapons are overkill and has agreed to hand them over to police.

TMZ reports Aaron was concerned police were coming to his house to seize his guns after his estranged brother Nick got a restraining order placed against him, and so decided to hand over his assault rifles himself on Wednesday (18.09.19) before police had a chance to take them.

The 'I Want Candy' hitmaker was reassured by police they won't be taking his guns just because there's a restraining order against him, but he decided to give the LA County Sheriff's deputies his two assault rifles to hold for him anyway.

Aaron allegedly plans on getting rid of his assault rifles for good, but will still keep hold of his pistol and a shotgun.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed Aaron's guns cannot be taken away from him until he is deemed mentally unstable.

The singer alleged that four officers and a mental evaluator turned up at his house and attempted to place him under temporary, involuntary, psychiatric hold last week, but they did not go through with the 5150 hold and until Aaron is deemed a danger to himself or others, his collection of guns will not be taken off him.

A law enforcement source told TMZ: "Until a court, board, commission, judge or other lawful authority determines Aaron suffers from a mental illness or condition that causes him to be a danger to himself or others, he can keep his guns."

Earlier this week, Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter revealed he had taken out a restraining order against his brother Aaron, after he had allegedly threatened to kill Nick's pregnant wife Lauren Kitt.

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