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Which EXO member might show off his “sexy thighs” next time?

We noticed a subtle difference in the way the K-pop group carried themselves during their ‘EXplOration’ showcase in Singapore.

Which EXO member might show off his “sexy thighs” next time?


Fans of EXO’s Chen may have something a little extra to look forward to the next time the K-pop kings are in town - fancy getting an eyeful of his “sexy thighs”?

Hey, that’s how Chanyeol gleefully put it during last night’s (Sep 15) EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration showcase in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The group had just finished its rendition of acoustic ballad ‘Wait’, and were discussing Chen’s and Suho’s respective solo stages from earlier on.

Right after Suho had dazzled the 8,000 concertgoers with his performance of ‘Been Through’ (complete with a mesmerising backdrop and nosebleed-inducing shirt-ripping), Chen slowed things down with ‘Lights Out’, demonstrating powerful vocals that honestly made us worry for the state of the arena’s sound system (those high notes!).

While it was undoubtedly an impressive display, Chen admitted to feeling “burdened” prior to his performance because “Suho was really sexy just now”. After a heart-warming word of encouragement from Baekhyun (we love a supportive bandmate), Sehun cheekily suggested that Chen follow in the EXO leader’s footsteps and take off his clothes next time, which in turn led Chanyeol to make the “sexy thighs” revelation.

“He’s going to exercise so he can show you those thighs next time,” Sehun declared.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we ended up witnessing several EXO members suddenly begin an impromptu workout session of squats and lunges in their suits on stage. Perhaps they can all show off the fruits of their labour together?

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