Getting A Massage After Champagne Brunch Probably Isn’t A Good Idea (But We Did It Anyway)

Only try this if you’re on staycation.

The Weekend Bubbly Brunch at Keyaki Restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore has just been revamped, with new items added to the menu — you can now enjoy Grilled Eggplant with Sweet Miso Paste, Grilled Salmon with Soy Milk Skin and Udon with Deep-fried Bean Curd, among other new offerings. I’m at a media tasting and our hosts are urging us to try all the different types of alcohol on free flow. We start with the Laurent Perrier Brut NV Champagne, move on to the Mio Sparkling Sake, before someone says we have to try the Akazaru Sparkling Shochu. And then the Manzairaki Kaga Umeshu Soda. Because why not? It’s champagne brunch, after all. If you’ve made a conscious decision to start drinking at noon, why hold back, right? It’s all going down with plates of beautifully-presented sashimi, yakimono and teppanyaki, along with great conversation. After a meal like this, the best course of action would be to veg out by staring at a screen, or take a nap.

pan pac keyaki
At Keyaki at Pan Pac, you can enjoy a boozy champagne (and sake, shochu, beer and wine) brunch with courses of fresh Japanese food for $135 per person. 

pan pac brunch
A theatrical spread: The Sunday Champagne Brunch at Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore. 

But we’re on a power-packed media staycation at Pan Pac, and our generous hosts insist that we go for a massage (I know, life’s tough). My slot is at 3pm, and I emerge from Keyaki, blinking in the afternoon sun, staggering only slightly. I’m booked for an Alicante Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, a signature massage at the award-winning St. Gregory Spa. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but on hindsight, getting a massage straight after consuming alcohol might not be the best idea. Apparently, massage can act as a stimulant and increase the effects of alcohol on the body. Fortunately, nothing adverse happened during my relaxing massage. If anything, I was even more aware of the sensations of the hot stones sliding against my back, before gently dozing off, like I always do. I left the spa refreshed, and headed back to my Pacific Club Room, where, buoyed by my much-kneaded rubdown and the fantastic harbour views, I actually managed to put in a few hours of work at the executive work desk before dinner.

st gregory spa treatment room1
Bliss please: Try a massage while you're on staycation — you won't regret it. The St. Gregory Spa at Pan Pac is an award-winning spa. 

pan pac harbour studio
The chic and modern Pacific Harbour Studio at Pan Pacific Singapore. 

The next day, after champagne breakfast (two boozy daytime meals in two days — I could get used to this) at the Pacific Club, with its gorgeous 360 degree views of Marina Bay, I was almost inspired to book another post-alcohol massage…. Almost. After all, staycations are for behaving decadently, right?

pan pac night view
Out of this world view: Feel like a tourist in your own backyard by splashing out on Pacific Club rooms and suites, which include access to the Pacific Club with privileges such as Champagne breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails and canapes. 

Pan Pacific Singapore’s Urban Retreat Staycation package start from $272++ for a Deluxe Balcony Room. For more info, go to The Pacific Club rooms and suites include access to the Pacific Club with privileges such as Champagne breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails and canapes.

The Refreshed Weekend Bubbly Brunch at Keyaki is priced at $75 per person (non-alcohol) and $135 per person (with alcohol). The Alicante Hot and Cold Stone Therapy is $200 for 75 mins.


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