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Zheng Geping’s Daughter Tay Ying Aced Shanghai Acting School Auditions, Is She Headed There To Study?

She came in 7th out of 700 participants.

Not a peep can be heard from Tay Ying as she shuffles between the studio and the changing room, trying out the looks her character will don in upcoming Ch 8 martial arts drama, The Good Fight. The 22-year-old plays Elaine, an undergraduate who harbours a crush on her martial arts instructor in the drama, which just so happened to be helmed by her father, Ch 8 actor-turned-executive producer Zheng Geping. So maybe her reticence today is a sign of nervousness?

Although Tay Ying once mentioned that she had turned down several acting opportunities in the past, the daughter of Geping and Hong Huifang is now more than ready to dip her toes into the thespian pool after signing a contract with celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee’s talent agency, Starlist, along with her 18-year-old brother, Calvert Tay.

Since then, Tay Ying has appeared on Ch 5 drama, Missing, and co-hosted TvN's Get It Beauty On The Road with Sandara Park. And a sign that Tay Ying is in this for the long run, the Temasek Poly grad even jetted off to Shanghai with fellow second-gen stars Chen Yixi and Chen Yixin, to audition for a three-month acting course at Motown, a Chinese entertainment training academy.

And of course, we tried to pry a bit into the Hong Huifang and Pan Lingling saga during our chat. Too bad our attempts were thwarted by her vigilant manager. Not that we would want to offend Tay Ying anyway. She does have a black belt in Taekwondo after all.


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