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Zheng Geping’s Advice For Son Calvert Tay Is That He Shouldn’t Be An Actor

But… why?


Here’s a quick reminder: Father’s Day is this Sunday (Jun 19), so make sure you’ve prepared a lil something for your dads, okay? 

To celebrate the special day, Mediacorp's bite-sized entertainment and lifestyle series #JustSwipeLah, brought father and son duo, Zheng Geping, 58, and Calvert Tay, 22, out for a spot of bouldering. 

And though our resident hunkle wasn’t all that familiar with bouldering, he quickly warmed up to it with the help of the coach, as well as Calvert, who said he had secretly watched some videos of the sport to familiarise himself.

Bouldering isn't that simple.

When asked for his usual Father’s Day plans, Calvert revealed that their family tries their best to surprise Geping with a little something every year. 

Geping also shared that he’s a very simple guy, and perfectly fine with “just a cup of plain water” as a Father’s Day gift from his kids.

But don’t take it literally of course.

When Calvert joked that he’ll keep this “idea" in mind for this year’s Father’s Day, Geping quickly retracted his words, asking for “a [bottle of] red wine” at least.

Geping went on to share that he was particularly touched by a gift Calvert had bought him a couple of years ago.

At that time, Calvert was still in NS, and didn’t have much money. However, he saved up just to buy a pair of shoes for Geping, which Geping still wears today.

“That's my treasure,” he declared.

Say no to acting?

Moving to more ‘serious' topics, Geping went on to reveal that he thinks it would be best if Calvert doesn’t “follow" in his footsteps to be an actor. Say what?!

The revelation appeared to have caught Calvert off-guard as well.

"Wow. I’m speechless, nothing to say,” Calvert said.

But don't take this the wrong way. 

Geping offered up an explanation a while later, saying: “[It’s ‘cos] he can compose music and he can sing, these are his innate talents that I lack. And he’s good in finance too, he’s been studying finance all along. [What I said earlier is] just a [piece of ]advice, not a must.”

He means well.

Calvert, who made his acting debut in the 2017 drama, While We Are Young, is also a singer-songwriter. He released four songs in 2021, with his latest, titled 'Show Me', out this year.

He was last seen on screen in meWATCH drama First Of April, which was produced by Geping.

Geping, Hong Huifang, Tay Ying and Calvert walked the red carpet as a family at Star Awards 2022.

Watch the full video to hear another startling confession from Geping, who revealed that he and Calvert sometimes inadvertently share their... underwear?!

Catch First Of April on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded below.

Photos: Just Swipe Lah, Zheng Geping/Instagram



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