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Netizens Cracking Up Over This Scene Of Zhang Zetong Performing CPR In Mediacorp Drama Healing Heroes

So funny, that one might even crack a rib?


In episode 23 of Mediacorp drama Healing Heroes, newbie doctors Chong Hao Nan (played by Zhang Zetong) and Ho Ren Hui (played by Sheryl Ang), face a really tense and heartbreaking situation.

You see, the cheery Dou Fu Hua (played by Xixi Lim), who harbours a crush on Hao Nan, suffers a medical emergency after an allergic reaction. She is then rushed to the hospital with no pulse nor heartbeat.

Hao Nan and Ren Hui declare a code blue emergency, and Hao Nan immediately begins cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Dou Fu Hua. Unfortunately, despite the duo’s best efforts, Dou Fu Hua doesn’t make it.

As you’d expect, the situation gets really emotional and frantic for the characters involved.

However, for a number of viewers and netizens, the episode elicited a very different reaction.

Fake CPR's really tricky to do, especially if you're trying to avoid injuring the other party.

Over on Reddit, a netizen posted a short video of Hao Nan doing CPR on Dou Fu Hua as she's stretchered into the hospital.

“No wonder the patient died, [rest in peace],” the netizen titled the post.

The post has since garnered over 1,800 upvotes and 200 comments, with the general sentiment being that the scene looked unrealistic and hilarious.

"This is one of the worst CPR I've ever seen. Only his head is bobbing up and down and his arms are totally still,” one comment read.

“Thanks [original poster], for my first source of genuine laughter today,” one netizen wrote, with another adding: "I laughed for a solid minute, especially after noticing him just bobbing his head up and down.”

One, two, one, two.

However, there were those who spoke up in defense of the actors, explaining why the scene looked unnatural.

"This is proper form. There's even one hand CPR. His fingers interlock correctly. Shoulder placement correct. Just that he did not actually compress the chest. ‘Cos it's a drama,” one netizen wrote.

Others shared that it was likely that the angle the scene was filmed from contributed to the awkwardness of the final scene.

Finally, one netizen wrote: “There are medical dramas with more realistic looking CPR scenes. We don’t expect them to perform actual CPR, but this one is just plain bad.”

Healing Heroes is available on demand for free on meWATCH. It airs on weekdays, 7.30pm on Ch 8. You can also catch the episode in question below.

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