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Xiaxue Doesn’t Bother To Lock Her Rainbow Car Because “Who Would Want To Steal My Things?”

The influencer might change her mind after we reveal how much is in her cash cards.

Xiaxue Doesn’t Bother To Lock Her Rainbow Car Because “Who Would Want To Steal My Things?”

It isn’t a stretch to say that Xiaxue drives one of the most flamboyant cars in Singapore. I mean, look at it. Her 12-year-old second-hand Mitsuoka Viewt, decked out in blinding iridescent wrap and decorated with way too many My Little Pony figurines and crystals (there’s even an extra box of them in the car), is unabashedly loud and screams “LOOK AT ME!” In fact, even before we spotted the blogger-turned-influencer driving up the slope to our photoshoot location at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, we heard a group of NS men yell “Hey that’s Xiaxue!”

And it is precisely because of how eye-catching her “rainbow car” is that Xiaxue aka Wendy Cheng doesn’t see the need to lock it.

Wait, what?

“Singapore is very safe — there are cameras everywhere. And Singaporeans are timid. The car is so loud and attention-seeking, no one would ever try to open it because people will be curious to see who the owner is and might recognise them,” the 36-year-old tells, adding that the car park of her HDB flat is the “safest” place to park.

“I feel safe even when I drive this car to Malaysia because who would want to steal it? It is so easy to spot on the road. You can go to any mamak shop and ask if this car passed by and people will remember. But if it’s just a regular car, they might not notice it. But, of course, I will lock my car in Malaysia lah.”

Erm, ohhh-kay. Ever heard of low crime doesn’t mean no crime? And what about your cash card, we ask. “Oh, there’s a lot of money inside. I always top up $200 and just leave it in the IU (in-vehicle unit). And I have a spare one with $200 too which I just slot [in the sun visor]. (Laughs) Okay from now on, I will lock my car!” she says, almost reluctantly. “Previously I couldn’t be bothered, and so far nothing has been stolen. Maybe if I leave toilet paper in the car, someone will steal it.”

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