21st birthdays are a big thing and especially so if your family is big on social media too.

Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen's daughter, Chen Yixin, who is filming in Batam now, hit that milestone yesterday (Apr 26) and she definitely felt the love from her famous folks, her older brother Chen Yixi, and her boyfriend Gavin Teo

First, there was this super poetic post from her dad Edmund.

“21 years ago our family
Had a new member
A girl who loves to laugh
The pearl in the palm of our hands
She’s our princess
Who loves to sing and dance
The world is your stage.
You’re also my darling
7665 days passed in the blink of an eye,
But everything feels like it happened just yesterday,
Wishing [you] a happy 21st
Hoping that you’ll be happy and blissful
And for health and safety to always be by your side
We’ll always love you”.

Not to be outdone, Xiang Yun also posted this very sweet tribute to Yixin, who she addresses as her “baby”.

“Baby, when you were young, you were already mischievous, and Mama often broke out in laughter ‘cos of how cute you were! You’ve gradually grown up, and Mama always admires how you approach things efficiently with a frank and straightforward attitude. Today, you turn 21. Mama has some mixed feelings. I’m happy that you’re an adult now, but I can’t bear knowing that you’ll have to be independent now. I hope that you’ll always nestle in my embrace as always, sharing everything with me. I don’t want to just be your mum, I want to be your good friend and confidant. On this special day, wishing you eternal happiness [and] health. Happy birthday! Love you baby!” Xiang Yun wrote. 

Yixin’s brother Yixi also dedicated a post to his little sister. 

"In a blink of an eye, you are all grown up. I still remember when I hugged you the first time when you were sooo tiny; I had no idea how to even carry you back then. And we look like complete potatoes...

And now... YOU SLAYING IT. Continue doing what you do and shine bright!!

Happy birthday to you my little sis! (Now go wish her a happy [birthday]) 

Loving you loads Mei! (sic)”