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JJ Lin Watched The World Cup Final With Jackson Wang…And Other Ways Our Stars Celebrated Argentina’s Win

One star even watched the thrilling match in Buenos Aires and ended up partying with ecstatic Argentinian fans.


By now, you’d probably know which country won the World Cup… even if you don’t follow football at all (it’s Argentina, by the way).

The squad, led by legendary footballer Lionel Messi, bested France in a nail-biting match, winning 4-2 in penalties.

And of course, fans all over the world celebrated like there was no tomorrow.

So how did our local celebs celebrate the win? And who was quietly rooting for France? Read on to find out.

Jade Seah soaked in the amazing party atmosphere in Bueno Aires, Argentina

Now this is one experience that can never be relived. Jade, who’s currently on holiday in South America, made the trip down to Argentina’s capital just in time to watch the World Cup final live. And the atmosphere was absolutely electric.

From celebrating with the crowd every time Argentina was made, to the tense silence when France scored, and of course, the all-out celebration once Argentina won.

“Cried tears of joy along with the rest, the pure jubilation was infectious!!” Jade exclaimed in her video recounting the experience.

All we can say is — we wish we were there too!

Watch the full video below:

Photos: Jade Seah/Instagram

JJ Lin chilled out after his KL concert by watching the World Cup with Jackson Wang

Now that's one way to celebrate a successful concert. JJ, who held the Malaysia stop of his JJ20 World Tour over the weekend, joined in on the World Cup fever with heartthrob Jackson Wang, who was his concert guest.

Wonder if they're Team Argentina or Team France. 

Photos: Jackson Wang/Instagram, JJ Lin/Instagram

Suthasini joined the huge watch party at Jewel

You've probably seen similar videos from everyone else who was watching the match at Jewel, but seriously — that's one gorgeous watch party venue.

Photo: Suthasini Rajendran/Instagram

One look and you'll know who Jianhao Tan and his friends were rooting for

The YouTuber may be on holiday in Vietnam right now, but that didn't stop him from gathering with his friends to catch the match. After all, this only comes once every four years.

Photo: Jianhao Tan/Instagram

Speaking of celebs who are overseas...

Tyler Ten managed to catch the match at a night market in Thailand. Say whaaat?! Guess he could've even snuck in a bit of shopping or snacking during the half-time breaks.

Photo: Tyler Ten/Instagram

Fauzie Laily was basically over the moon when Argentina won

And who could blame him? That was one of the most tense matches we've ever watched. Of course, it definitely helped that he was watching the match with friends and ardent Argentina supporters, including fellow celeb Nurul Aini's husband.

Photo: Fauzie Laily/Instagram

Nurul was a total football convert after the match

Describing herself as someone who "never watches football", Nurul joked that she'll be able to watch football matches in the future with her husband, after watching the finale. Nice.

Photo: Nurul Aini/Instagram

Jokim Gomez had the last laugh

The ardent Argentina supporter couldn't help but to turn to his archives to spite all the doubters.

After all, he'd already predicted that Argentina would win, way before the World cup commenced.

Oh, and for anyone looking for ultra-early predictions, Joakim says his money's on England for the next World Cup.

Photo: Joakim Gomez/Instagram

Don’t call him Wang Lei anymore, he’s Messi now

Wang Lei uh… basically became Messi himself over on Instagram, photoshopping himself onto the footballer’s body, with this caption: "Lost to Saudi Arabia in the first match, and the whole world laughed. Now that limpei (literally your father in Hokkien) has won, what [do you have to say]?"

Photo: Wang Lei/Instagram

Ah Jie Zoe Tay had a heartfelt caption to wrap up the World Cup

"A brilliant and unparalleled World Cup finale match, evenly matched with one climax after another, so dramatic that the match felt like a roller coaster ride. Goal, goal, goal. The god of football finally won the World Cup. Congratulations Messi, congratulations Argentina," Zoe wrote.

Photo: Zoe Tay/Instagram


YES933 DJs Ze Liang and Hazelle Teo hyped everyone up at Our Tampines Hub

If you were part of the crowd over at Our Tampines Hub, you probably know what went on, with half-time games and great hosting by the YES933 DJs entertaining everyone there. Major score.

Photos: Ze Liang/Instagram

Tay Ying felt super FOMO

The actress, who had to wake up early for work, had to miss out on all the fun. But hey, work's work, right?

Thankfully, she managed to catch up on everything through social media early today. Nice.

Photo: Tay Ying/Instagram

Sora Ma mourned France (and her wallet's) loss

Ouch. At least Sora got a truly thrilling match out of the the whole experience, right?

Photos: Sora Ma/Instagram



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