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Why Shane Pow And Girlfriend Kimberly Wang Think It's "Convenient" To Act Together

They play lovers in new Toggle drama Dance With Me.

Why Shane Pow And Girlfriend Kimberly Wang Think It's "Convenient" To Act Together

It’s the second time real-life couple Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang are acting as lovers on the small screen.

And for the duo, the biggest pro of working together is “how convenient it is”.

In Dance With Me, an eight-episode Toggle rom-com, Shane plays a bank officer, who’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend in on the rocks. He then encounters a junior museum curator and dancer (played by Kimberly) and finds himself attracted to her. The romance then starts to blossom.

Shane, 28, tells us during the show’s press conference: “We’d practise our lines in the car when we were driving to the film set together. We’d also practise our dance moves at home or when we have free time during filming. It was very convenient.”

Kimberly interjects: “When we have our lunch, we get to order two different sets and share our food. We get to try everything on the menu! (Laughs).”

The 27-year-old 987 jock adds: “It was useful too ‘cos Shane would watch me act, and give me feedback and tips on how to improve. It’s good to have an extra pair of eyes on set watching out for me. We figured that there are actually no cons of working together.”

The couple say that even though it’s the second time they are playing a couple, it feels like it’s the first.

Shane explains: “The first show where we played lovers was in [Toggle army drama] Die Die Also Must Serve, where Kim acted as my wife. However, we only appeared together in two scenes and filmed for a day.”

Kimberly adds: “Yeah, that just felt like we were hanging out.”

Shane agrees: “For Dance With Me, we filmed and rehearsed for over two months. So I’d say this is like the real thing. We were working together for a much longer time, and we’d discuss how we want to shoot the scenes for the next day.”

Of course, the pair were worried that they might not work well together before filming started.

“There’s this initial fear that at some point, you would fight while working together. But lucky for us…” Shane says.

“We are very boring one, not so dramatic (guffaws),” Kimberly adds.

Shane continues: “There was no big fight or anything. We did have some difference in opinions on how to act out different scenes but we just discussed them with each other. From this experience, we concluded that we can work well together, so we wouldn’t shy away from acting in more shows in the future (smiles).”

All episodes of Dance With Me are available on Toggle on Feb 8.



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