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Why Richie Koh Is Not A ‘Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste’

Star Awards 2023 Popularity Awards explained. We hope. 

Why Richie Koh Is Not A ‘Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste’

Star Awards season is upon us and boy, are there a lot of numbers for 8days.sg to chew on. 

A total of 75 male and female artistes are up for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Top 10 Most Popular Female Awards. 

Another 39 ‘younger’ artistes are vying for 3 Most Popular Rising Star Awards.

You can be a ‘Top 10 Most Popular Male or Female’ artiste or a Top 3 Most Popular Rising Star (non gender-specific) but you cannot be both.

To be eligible for Most Popular Rising Star, you must have been in the business for 5 years or less.

The Most Popular Rising Star Award is not to be confused with Best Rising Star which is actually the Best Newcomer Award reboot, though Best Rising Star nominees are also eligible for Most Popular Rising Star Awards.

A Most Popular Rising Star award win also goes towards the ‘All-Time Favourite Star Award’ quota ie it counts as one of the 10 wins you need to make it to the hall of fame.

TL;DR - it might be easier explaining BTO eligibility.

Does it matter though, when what’s more important is the possibility of seeing new faces ascend the stage gushing tearfully, “I really didn’t know what to expect tonight!” Not the same-old same-old will be a welcome breath of fresh air. Like seeing triple threat Xixi Lim, influencer-live streamer-actress make the Top 10 nomination list for the first time. Or 987 jock Kimberly Wang, the only DJ from an English station to make the cut.

Best Actor nominees Richie Koh and Ayden Sng are in the ‘amateur’ category this year because they are new-ish. Richie, who was scouted in Hey Gorgeous in 2013, only made his showbiz debut in 2017. Similarly, Ayden only started acting in 2018. So next year Richie gets, er, upgraded to the ‘pro’ category to contend for Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste. Meanwhile, Herman Keh, who only started acting in 2019, gets to keep Rising.

TW: More math below.

The Top 10 Most Popular Male nominees include 30 actors and 9 presenters. The Top 10 Most Popular Female nominees include 20 actresses and 16 presenters.

Of the 39 Most Popular Rising Star Award nominees, there are 27 actors, 7 presenters, 3 singers and 2 influencers.

For every Top 10 Most Popular Female Award trophy there are 3.6 actresses vying for it. Meanwhile for every Top 10 Most Popular Male Award trophy there are 3.9 actors fighting for it (ooh, good luck guys!).

Or you can just stop hurting your head, scroll down this list and commit to voting for your favourite artistes:


Top 10 Most Popular Females Artistes

  1. Aileen Tan

  2. Ann Kok 

  3. Bonnie Loo 

  4. Bukoh Mary 

  5. Carrie Wong 

  6. Chantalle Ng 

  7. Charlyn Lin

  8. Chen Bi Yu

  9. Chen Li Na

  10. Chen Ning 

  11.  Chen Sen Lian 

  12. Chua Lee Lian 

  13. Denise Camillia Tan 

  14. Fang Rong 

  15. Goh Wei Ying 

  16. Hong Huifang 

  17. Hong Ling 

  18. Jesseca Liu 

  19. Jin Meng Yang Zi 

  20. Jojo Goh 

  21. Kimberly Wang 

  22. Ko Ee Sim

  23. Liang Peng 

  24. Lim Leng Kee

  25. Lim Yi Chyi 

  26. Lina Ng 

  27. Ng Seok Khoong 

  28. Paige Chua 

  29. Pan Ling Ling 

  30. Priscelia Chan 

  31. Siau Jiahui 

  32. Tasha Low 

  33. Violet Fenying 

  34. Wendy Zeng 

  35. Xixi Lim 

  36. Ya Hui 


Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

  1. Ben Yeo 

  2. Brandon Wong 

  3. Cavin Soh 

  4. Chen Shucheng 

  5. Chen Tianwen

  6. Chen Xi 

  7. Danny Yeo 

  8. Darren Lim 

  9. Desmond Ng 

  10. Desmond Tan 

  11. Edwin Goh 

  12. Guo Liang

  13. James Seah

  14. Jeff Goh

  15. Jeffrey Xu

  16. Jeremy Chan 

  17. Kenneth Chung 

  18. Kenneth Kong 

  19. Lee Teng

  20. Marcus Chin

  21. Nick Teo 

  22. Phua Kia Peow 

  23. Pierre Png 

  24. Raymond Foong 

  25. Rayson Tan 

  26. Richard Low 

  27. Romeo Tan

  28. Shane Pow 

  29. Shaun Chen 

  30. Wallace Ang 

  31. Wang Yuqing 

  32. Xu Bin 

  33. Yao Wenlong 

  34. Yeow Seng Yong 

  35. Yong Ser Pin 

  36. Zhai Siming 

  37. Zhang Yaodong 

  38. Zhu Houren 

  39. Zong Zijie


Most Popular Rising Stars

  1. Ayden Sng 

  2. Benjamin Tan 

  3. Cheris Lee 

  4. Cheryl Cheng 

  5. Cheryl Chou 

  6. Damien Teo 

  7. Daryl-Ann 

  8. Das DD 

  9. Evelyn Tan Qijia 

  10. Gao Mei Gui 

  11. Gini Chang 

  12. Hazelle Teo 

  13. Herman Keh 

  14. Ivan Lo

  15. Jarrell Huang 

  16. Jasmine Sim 

  17. Jernelle Oh

  18. JJ Neo

  19. Joel Choo 

  20. Joey Pink 

  21. Juin Teh 

  22. Yang Guang Ke Le 

  23. Khaw Xin Lin 

  24. Kiki Lim

  25. Lim Pinjuen 

  26. Lu Linxuan 

  27. Oh Ling En 

  28. Regene Lim 

  29. Richie Koh 

  30. Seow Sin Nee 

  31. Shanice Koh 

  32. Shawn Thia 

  33. Sheryl Ang 

  34. Tang Shao Wei 

  35. Tyler Ten 

  36. Wang Wenhui

  37. Ye Jia Yun 

  38. Zhang Ze Tong 

  39. Zhu Zeliang


For more information on the nominee list and voting, visit the Mediacorp Star Awards 2023 site


Catch the Backstage LIVE event of Star Awards 2023 from 3.30pm - 10.30pm on meWATCH or Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel on April 9 (Sunday).

The Walk Of Fame will be from 5pm - 6.30pm, on meWATCH, Ch 8, Ch U, and Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel on the same day.

It will be followed by the Star Awards 2023 Live Show from 7pm - 10pm on meWATCH, Ch 8, Ch U, and Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel.

The repeat telecast for the Walk of Fame and Award Ceremony will air on Ch 8 from 2pm - 6.30pm on April 16 (Sunday).



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