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Wang Lei Shows Support For Huang Yiliang, Challenges Ex Scriptwriter Fighting With The Ex Actor To Live Stream And “See Who’s Telling The Truth"

The Fish Selling Bro also gave Yiliang, who’s now selling seafood via live stream, a shoutout, resulting in a 100-fold increase in viewers for the former actor.


Looks like Huang Yiliang’s conflict with the former scriptwriter who allegedly spouted lies about the 61-year-old former actor in a weekly magazine column has not concluded yet.

On Tuesday (Oct 11), getai star and live streaming sensation Wang Lei, 61, aired his thoughts on the whole situation in his own live stream, denouncing the former scriptwriter, Soh Choon Heng.

“[Choon Heng], do you think that 'cos someone’s in prison, they would be easy to bully? If you want, the both of you should hold a live stream, and we’ll see who’s telling the truth. If you dare to come back to Singapore, I’ll definitely be on Huang Yiliang’s side, and confront you,” Wang Lei said.

He also spoke up for Yiliang, saying that in his eyes, Yiliang is not relying on the star power of his ex wife, actress Lin Meijiao, 58, as well as their daughter, Chantalle Ng, 27, to turn over a new leaf.

“The Huang Yiliang that I see now is someone who’s sitting on a stool, with a fish in hand to sell. He used to be a outstanding actor in Singapore, but he’s already let go of his ‘face' to sell fish on live stream, we should support someone like that,” Wang Lei went on to say.

As of press time, Choon Heng has not replied to Wang Lei’s ‘invitation’.

Big fish, small fish.

Wang Lei then ended by urging his viewers to support Yiliang, who’s now selling seafood on live streams.

The Fish Selling Bro said: “I sell seafood, and he sells seafood too. If you need, [I] will definitely give you a platform [to sell your wares] for free. I will definitely buy seafood from him, let’s get other people to buy too, I will definitely support him!”

It goes without saying that Wang Lei’s big on giving people second chances, and helping out fellow celebs in need.

Previously, the 61-year-old shared on an episode of #JustSwipeLah that when he was at his lowest, he received a huge amount of help from Marcus Chin, which Wang Lei remains grateful for.

After Wang Lei’s live stream, Yiliang received a huge surge in viewers on his Facebook page, 'Yi Liang LIVE Shopping’, which currently has 2,000 likes.

On Oct 12, Yiliang held a live stream selling seafood, where he thanked Wang Lei for his support.

“Today, it feels like I’ve won the lottery, previously when I live streamed, even after an hour, there was only 20 viewers. After Wang Lei’s shoutout, look, the amount of viewers increased by a 100-fold, now there’s 2000 viewers,” Yiliang said.

Wang Lei also gave Yiliang a call during the stream, with Yiliang promising to take Wang Lei out for a meal to show his gratitude.

Watch Wang Lei share more about his journey to becoming a live streaming sensation in Streamers Go Live below.

Photos: Huang Yiliang/Facebook, Wang Lei/Facebook



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