Wang Lei has always been very open about his drama-filled life.

The 60-year-old spent years in debt after squandering all his money on gambling. He finally quit the vice in 2013, and these days doesn’t even buy 4D.

The getai star, who is better known online as the ‘Fish Selling Bro’ thanks to his massively popular live stream business, recently revealed the effect his gambling addiction had on his relationship with his eldest daughter, who is now 37. 

Wang Lei, who also has a 33-year-old son and another daughter, who is 29, was a guest on LOVE 972’s Breakfast Quartet's Father’s Day special where the show's four hosts — Chen Biyu, Dennis Chew, Marcus Chin and Mark Lee — chat with celeb dads about fatherhood. 

There, Wang Lei talked about the first time he borrowed money from a loan shark.

He had to make the S$300 loan as he was earning about S$800 a month as a lorry driver and couldn’t afford to buy an electronic dictionary for his elder daughter, who needed it for her PSLE.

Sadly, he and his elder daughter would spend over a decade ignoring each other.

“She wouldn’t speak to me when she was home. We wouldn’t talk to each other even if we were in the same lift. And she treated me like a stranger when we crossed paths,” said Wang Lei.

Their cold war started over something “very minor”, according to Wang Lei.

“I was bankrupt then, so I couldn’t buy a car. But I needed a car, and I asked my elder daughter to buy it and put the insurance under her name. She immediately said no (…) When you have something to ask of your daughter and she says no, your heart will definitely break.”

He was so upset with his daughter he stopped speaking to her, and she eventually did the same thing back.

At this point, Dennis felt the need to interject. He said to Wang Lei: “Did you ever think about how stressed she was being your eldest child? She could have been afraid of you going astray because you hadn’t changed your ways back then.”

Mark concurred with Dennis, and said this to Wang Lei: “That was very selfish [of you].”