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Wang Lei Wants To Reduce His Swearing Because His 5-Year-Old Grandson Has Picked It Up From Him

On a recent episode of Streamers Go Live, the getai star-turned-live-streaming sensation said he was shocked when he heard his grandson mimic his swearing.

Wang Lei Wants To Reduce His Swearing Because His 5-Year-Old Grandson Has Picked It Up From Him

Getai singer Wang Lei, who found fame online as live streaming sensation “Fish Selling Bro”, was the guest on a recent episode of Streamers Go Live.

After all, who better to guide the newbie streamers than the guy who sold 1,500 fishes the first time he held a live stream auction? 

Tuning in to a Wang Lei live stream, you’d most likely be entertained by the 61-year-old’s propensity for swearing at buyers who ask silly questions. 

He thrives when he takes on this foul-mouthed persona, and fully leans into it as a tactic to sell his products.

The Streamers Go Live contestants got the chance to get up close and personal with Wang Lei, who revealed how his family has changed the way he approaches live streaming.

Wang Lei imparts some live streaming wisdom in the episode

When Team Captain Lee Teng asked Wang Lei if his audience count would drop if he stopped making lewd jokes and cut down on his swearing, he said it would and that it has happened before.

Last year, after receiving a lot of flak from netizens, he tried to “tone down” his language and behaviour and became more serious when live streaming. 

His audience count then gradually started dropping, going from 10K to eventually 3K.

He quickly realised that going all proper was not working out for him and so he went back to being crude ol’ Wang Lei.

Wang Lei with his grandkids

Still Wang Lei is not planning to go full throttle with his swearing. And there's good reason to it.

“My kids and I went to Malaysia for holiday, and my grandkids came along too. My grandson is five years old now, and he knows how to play games on his phone, so we downloaded it to play together. But games now have so many advertisements! I cursed at my screen [out of frustration], and my grandson immediately looked at me and repeated what I said,” Wang Lei recalled. 

His daughter, who was next to him, was shocked. As was Wang Lei himself. It was then he realised it was best he reduce his swearing.

When asked if he’s worried that his numbers would drop again, Wang Lei revealed that he’s now mentoring a group of “students” and is ready to let them take over the trade.

Wang Lei and his very supportive wife

Wang Lei also spoke about his wife, who often appears in his live streams.

A curious Xixi Lim wanted to know if there's a reason behind Wang Lei’s displays of affection to his wife during his broadcasts. 

Wang Lei’s eyes welled up with tears as he spoke about how his wife had shown him unwavering support during his gambling addiction years ago.

“Loansharks came to my house to splatter paint. My wife took paint thinner and wiped the paint off each floor. It was 5am, when she was about to head to work, and she never woke me up from my sleep,” he revealed.

Back when I was working, my wallet was always empty. She had 10 dollars in her purse, so she took out five dollars to put it in my wallet,” continued Wang Lei, adding that his wife has been through a lot because of him.

He then swore he would never let his wife go hungry once he started to make money.

Photos: Wang Lei/ Facebook, meWATCH

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