Local radio DJ and musician Chris Ho has died after a two month battle with stomach cancer.

According to a post on radio stadio GOLD 905’s Facebook page, he passed away “at around 4.37am on Monday, September 27”.

"It is with deepest sadness that we are sharing that our dearest friend and colleague Chris Ho passed away peacefully at 4.37am on Monday 27 September. Chris had been battling stomach cancer for the past two months. He was brave, determined, and cheerful to the end. No words can express our heartfelt sorrow and he will be dearly missed by the GOLD 905, Mediacorp and radio family and everyone that knew him. Chris, you will forever be in our hearts.” the post read. 

Chris, who founded Singapore's first New Wave punk-inspired band Zircon Lounge in 1983, was very active in the local music and arts scene. Apart from a stint writing music reviews for the now-defunct indie music magazine BigO, Chris penned three books and released a number of music albums under the name X’Ho.

Apart from that, the film buff also penned movie reviews for

Local radio fans will remember Chris for hosting a number of different radio shows over the years with stations like Rediffusion, Lush 99.5 and Radio Singapore International.

In 2017, he joined GOLD 905 to helm the evening drivetime show ‘Homestretch with Chris Ho’ every weekday from 5pm to 8pm. 

Chris never revealed his age to the media. In his 1998 book, Skew Me, You Rebel Meh?, he wrote that he wanted his obituary to read “X’Ho. Age: Forever 27 (the real age is none of anyone’s business)”.

A large number of tributes are now pouring in for Chris.

In a post on Facebook, Jazz musician and Cultural Medallion recipient Jeremy Monteiro wrote: "The whole Singapore Music Community is in shock and grief at the demise of the great Singapore musician and DJ Chris Ho”.

"I’ve known Chris for decades. He was always kind and gentle to me. His band indie rock band Zircon Lounge is legendary in Singapore music, shocking and breaking all music trends in Singapore. He was a rebel in his political views, but I always believed that he loved Singapore.  We performed together on a number of occasions over the decades, most recently at the Shangri-La hotel ballroom in 2014 when I accompanied him on a Randy Newman song.  He received the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) Artistic Excellence Award in 2018. It is the last time I saw him and we snapped this happy photo together. I really really liked Chris Ho. I will miss him." he went on to write.