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Cast Of Tofu Street Reunite After 26 Years To Reminisce About The Mediacorp Drama And Its Iconic Theme Song

Cue ‘Moonlight in the City', please.


After 26 years, it’s time to return to Tofu Street.

Set in Singapore during the '40s and '50s, the drama, which aired in 1996, recounted the lives of a group of tenants all living together in a building located on, well, Tofu Street. (P/S: Tofu Street is basically Upper Chin Swee Road today).

Cast members like Cynthia Koh, 48, Zheng Geping, 58, Brandon Wong, 51, Peter Yu, 54, Chen Huihui, as well as former child actor Chen Zhi Long, 34, who played Brandon’s son, Luo Tou, were present for the grand reunion, which took place as part of Mediacorp's new show, The Reunion.

The Reunion will see cast members from four classic dramas reunite over eight episodes.

As the actors stepped onto the fittingly retro set with their red wooden clogs, it almost felt like we’d been transported back into the show. Almost.

Tofu Street's got us feeling all nostalgic already.

Now, you can’t mention Tofu Street without its iconic theme song. Performed by Mavis Hee, with lyrics and music by Chen Jiaming, ‘Moonlight in the City’ is a classic that has withstood the test of time, much like the show.

As host Lee Teng shared in the episode, ‘Moonlight in the City’ nearly didn’t make the cut as the show’s opening theme song. Rather, it was the ending theme song, ‘Dai Wo Zou,’ that was originally designated as the opening theme.

Thankfully, ‘Moonlight in the City’ captivated everyone upon their first listen, and was used for the opening credits.

Rewatch the entire series on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded as well. Our story continues below.

Another highlight was the surprise appearance of Luo Tou, who was played by former child actor Chen Zhi Long. He was only six when the show was filmed.

Luo Tou's all grown up now.

Zhi Long was picked after rounds of public auditions, and was the perfect fit for the role, according to the producers.

During the reunion, Cynthia, who had the most scenes with him, admitted that she felt bad 'cos the crew and cast had to resort to scolding Zhi Long in order to get him to cry for the emotional scenes. And there were a lot of these scenes.

The actors unanimously agreed that Zhi Long would’ve gotten the Green Apple award (presented to the best child actor at the annual Star Awards), if that award was a thing back in 1996.

Brandon Wong plays the perfect villain everyone loves to hate.

And though it was Brandon’s first drama, the actor made for an amazing antagonist.

In fact, he was such a good actor already even Peter couldn’t help but compliment him.

“He might not know, but after the show aired, he said something that was a very big compliment for me,” Brandon recalled.

“There was this scene, and he casually mentioned: ‘Wow, Brandon, you’re a newcomer, but you’re so steady during scenes. It was a very big form of encouragement for me,” he continued.

Watch the full video below to find out how Brandon’s encounter with a chicken rice hawker left him flabbergasted, thanks to his Tofu Street role. You can also catch this reunion episode (and all subsequent ones) here on meWATCH.

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