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The Time We Interviewed Zoe Tay’s Son

Don’t believe us? We have proof.

The Time We Interviewed Zoe Tay’s Son

We don’t think any news outlet in Singapore has ever interviewed any of Zoe Tay’s three sons… apart from 8 Days that is. Back in July 2007, we were speaking to Zoe Tay over the phone when the then two-year-old Brayden Chionh butted in on the conversation. We noted then that while his mum had been trying her best to keep him out of the media, little Brayden wanted to be heard, okay? Here’s the exclusive Brayden Chionh interview. (This story first appeared in Issue 874 July 19, 2007)

As we talk to Zoe over the phone, we hear Brayden in the background.

Brayden: I want to talk on the phone!
Zoe: Later, okay? Mummy is working now. I will let you talk on the phone in a few minutes, okay?
Brayden: Mummy, phone! Phone!
Zoe: Jonathan, can you do me a favour and talk to him on the phone for a short while?
8 DAYS: Err, sure…
Brayden: Hello…
8 DAYS: Hi.
(Zoe mutters in the background: “Say hello gor gor Jonathan.”)
Brayden: Hello, gor gor Jonathan.
8 DAYS: Hello, Brayden. How are you?
(Zoe, in Mandarin: Ask gor gor Jonathan if he has eaten yet?)
Brayden(in Mandarin): Have you eaten yet?
8 DAYS: Yes, I have. What about you?
Brayden(in Mandarin): Yes … (Mutters something)
Zoe: Thanks! He always does this. Whenever I’m on the phone, he wants to talk to the person as well.
8 DAYS: Maybe he wants to be in the limelight, too.
Zoe: No lah, he is just being naughty!

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