Yes, we made him do it. 

Nathan Hartono thought it would be a regular 8 DAYS cover shoot. Little did he know that we had other things in mind. 

First up, a Songs Against Humanity challenge. We politely requested (forced?) Nathan to firstly, pick out three random cards from a Cards Against Humanity stack. Step two, sing it out and proud. While some other local crooners have politely declined impromptu singing challenges as such, Nathan doesn’t hesitate for a second. “Sure!” he bellows. The result is a hilarious medley of songs — anointed with Nathan’s jazzy touch — that have lyrics too rude to print, so click play on the video and enjoy. 

A version of this story appeared on Issue #1431. Pick up a copy of 8 DAYS magazine from newsstands to read the rest of the interview. 

Nathan's debut Mandarin single, ‘Electricity’, is available on all digital platforms. Watch the music video at

Shot on location at Prudential Marina Bay Carnival (

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