The Stars Of You Can Be An Angel 3 Try To Guess What These Super Cheem Medical Terms Mean

They should do well since this is the third installment of the You Can Be An Angel Too series, right?

We’re at Singapore General Hospital’s Academia Auditorium for the You Can Be An Angel 3 press conference and the stars, Zoe Tay, Desmond Tan, Paige Chua, Aileen Tan, Edwin Goh, Joshua Tan, Carrie Wong, Jazreel Low and Bonnie Loo, are all decked out in their super-smart nurse uniforms. Missing in action is Pierre Png, who Zoe and Desmond lovingly call “Hollywood star”, who’s on MC today.  
It’s the third installment of the popular nurse-centric series, which means by now the cast members must be really good at our game of Guess the Medical Term, right? Well… wrong. Okay, to be fair to the stars, only Zoe and Carrie are returning cast members and the terms are really, really cheem but we figured that since they’ve all gone through training to play nurses, they would know at least something… anything? But hey, we love them for being such good sports and maybe they’ll do better when You Can Be An Angel 4 comes around

You Can Be an Angel 3
debuts on Mon, Oct 29, 9pm on Ch 8.


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