The Stars Of All Is Well Try To Guess Singaporean & Taiwanese Slang

What in the world is BJ4?!

We’re at a ballroom in Marina Bay Sands where the cast of Singapore-Taiwan drama co-production All Is Well have gathered for a press conference. There’s brooding Taiwanese heartthrob Blue Lan and his countryman actor Liu Kuan Ting, a newly-blonde Desmond Tan, as well as Romeo Tan and Sheila Sim, and they’re all looking tall, thin and gorgeous. They are also very professional actors, at least according to the drama’s director because, um, “they know where to smoke”. Cough, cough. 

But this is no occasion to smoke out as the drama, which is slated to air in August 2019 and will also star Zoe Tay, Elvin Ng, Paige Chua and Chen Hanwei, is a very big deal. Not just because it’s a much-hyped, multi-million dollar production between Singapore and Taiwan, but also because of its premise — the cybercrime thriller is based on the 2016 real-life hacking of ATMs across Taiwan. This production will also be presented as two interwoven series, with one set in Singapore and the other in Taiwan with 40 episodes in total.

And because it’s a Singapore-Taiwan co-production, we think it’s about right the stars learn each other’s native slang. After all, they’ll be spending time in each other’s countries — Romeo, for one, will be based in Taiwan for three months — when filming kicks off at the end of January. Shiok or not?
All Is Well debuts August 2019, 9pm on Ch 8.

Romeo Tan, Sheila Sim and Desmond Tan

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Romeo Tan and Sheila Sim

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Desmond Tan and Romeo Tan

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Romeo Tan

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Liu Kuan Ting

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Desmond Tan

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Desmond Tan


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