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Taufik Batisah Broke His Elbow Skateboarding… And He Has It All On Video

He also got all philosophical about his fall.

Taufik Batisah Broke His Elbow Skateboarding… And He Has It All On Video

Taufik Batisah is a man of many talents. Apart from possessing seriously impressive singing chops, the 39-year-old OG Singapore Idol is also a registered property agent, the boss of his very own fried chicken joint, and a pretty good skateboarder too.

Taufik, who started skateboarding in his early teens, recently picked up the sport again, and has been putting in some serious time at the local skate park.

Just check out this video from March.

Unfortunately, it now looks like he would have to put his skateboard in storage for now.

On August 29, the singer took to his Instagram to share a painful update — he’d broken his right elbow while attempting a trick.

"The last time I broke my left elbow was when I was 13 attempting a basic 50-50 grind on a flat bar. I guess history repeats, this time breaking my right elbow attempting a basic Frontside Lipslide on a flat bar at 40 years old (a trick which I landed twice on the same day),” he wrote.

For those unfamiliar with skateboarding, the 50-50 grind is a basic trick where the skater rides along a ledge with their board parallel to the ledge, as opposed to the regular grind, where the board is perpendicular to the ledge. As for a basic frontside lipslide, well, we’ll let Taufik show you in the GIF below.

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