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Tan Kheng Hua & Lim Yu-Beng’s Daughter Says She And Xiang Yun's Daughter Chen Yixin Are "Basically Sisters" Now

Yixin played the daughter of both Kheng Hua and Yu Beng in different productions.


Looks like Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun’s daughter, Chen Yixin, 22 just gained another set of parents… and a sister. And before you jump to conclusions — no, she didn’t get married or engaged to her boyfriend, actor-singer Gavin Teo, 27.

Rather, it’s 'cos actors and former couple, Tan Kheng Hua, 59, and Lim Yu-Beng, 56, have played Yixin's parents in two productions thus far, with the latest being upcoming Netflix Original, Mr Midnight: Beware The Monsters, which is based on local children’s book series Mr Midnight.

Left: Kheng Hua and Yixin in the DBS mini-series. Right: Yu Beng's promotional poster for Mr Midnight: Beware The Monsters.

In the series, Yixin plays Ling, one of the four lead characters, while Yu-Beng plays Ling’s dad. Yixin was based in Batam, Indonesia, for five months in 2021 to film the series.

Previously, in 2019, Yixin and Kheng Hua starred opposite each other as mother and daughter in the mini-series DBS Sparks, commissioned by local bank DBS.

Sisters now?

On Oct 12, Kheng Hua and Yu-Beng's daughter, actress Shi An, 24, shared a poster of Yu Beng in Mr Midnight: Beware The Monsters, on IG Story.

“So many exciting shows coming out this month. My dad plays [Yixin’s] dad in [Midnight]," she wrote, adding: “We're basically sisters now, both my parents have played your guardian.”

Yixin also reposted Shi An’s post, adding a “that's very true”, along with a crying emoji and a heart emoji.

Kheng Hua and Shi An.

Just earlier this month, Kheng Hua’s sweet letter to Shi An on Instagram made waves online. Kheng Hua had written about how she was proud of Shi An for "not blindly following familiar Singapore paradigms for young university graduates”.

"She is everything I and her father Yubes [Yu-Beng] hoped she would grow up to be,” Kheng Hua added. You can read her full post below.

Catch Yu Beng and Shi An in the Mediacorp production, Sephia, on meWATCH here. The show is embedded below.

Photos: Shi An/Instagram, DBS/Facebook, Chen Yixin/Instagram, Tan Kheng Hua/Instagram



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