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Tan Chuan-Jin 'Fan Uncles' Over Zoe Tay After She Wishes Him Happy Birthday

Did you know that the Speaker of Parliament and Ah Jie share the same birthday?


Birthdays are a big thing, and it looks like this year was extra festive for Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament (MP) for Marine Parade GRC Tan Chuan-Jin, 54.

The MP, whose birthday falls on January 10, took to his Facebook to share a picture of a cake that he’d been gifted, thanking everyone for their well-wishes.

The post was soon filled with comments from netizens wishing him a happy birthday.

However, in an attempt to reply to everyone who left a comment, the MP later found his account temporarily limited after Facebook labelled him a “spammer”. Oops.

Thankfully, there was one comment that he’d managed to spot and reply to before that.

Just birthday things.

As it turns out, MP Tan shares a birthday with Ah Jie Zoe Tay, 55.

And guess who left a comment wishing him a happy birthday? Of course it’s Zoe.

"Happy Birthday sir,” Zoe wrote, along with a bunch of cake and party popper emojis.

MP Tan, who apparently couldn’t quite believe his eyes, quickly left a comment thanking Zoe.

"Gasp. This is the real Zoe Tay? Happy Birthday too!!” he wrote, before joking: "Can buy 4D liao…”

But that’s not all. To commemorate the moment, MP Tan went on to share a screenshot of their exchange in a Facebook post.

"Like a fan boy until you realise that you are more like a fan uncle,” he laughed, before going on to assert in a hashtag that he’s “young at heart”.

Photos: Tan Chuan Jin/Facebook, Zoe Tay/Instagram



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