The Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga between co-founders Sylvia Chan and Ryan Tan, both 33, has created more grease on the internet than a plate of chicken rice (geddit?) 

It’s safe to say that Singaporeans are either following the scandal with rapt attention or just catching parts of the juicy bits so they can have something to gossip with their friends over on Telegram. (Hey, no WhatsApp screenshots, please.)

Either way it sounds as if it all boils down to the irrevocable breakdown of a marriage (between Singapore YouTube’s “Golden Couple”, according to Sylvia) and the custody battle for NOC’s xiao mei mei influencers, most of whom have gotten rides home from Ryan (again, according to Sylvia).

Yesterday (Oct 24), Sylvia opened up about the slew of unsavoury allegations against her in an almost two-hour video interview with Singapore’s OG blogging queen Xiaxue, telling her side of the story while dropping a number of bombshells of her own.

The video has garnered over 730,000 views at the time of writing since it was uploaded to YouTube last night.

Sylvia also took to Instagram at about 5pm today (Oct 25) to post another apology for her wrongdoings and confirmed that she is cooperating with the relevant workplace authorities regarding all her allegations.

For those who haven’t been able to keep up with all the D-R-A-M-A, we’ve put together a bit of a guide below:

After the initial accusations of Sylvia being an abusive boss made headlines, more damning misdeeds were documented in a blog called #EndTheSilence, which we’ll get to later on.

While she isn’t exactly sure who could be behind all the leaks (everything does seem meticulously organised), Sylvia said that it just so happens that she and NOC co-founder Ryan Tan, whom she divorced in March last year, are working out their separation of assets, so he “does have something to gain” from her downfall.

According to Sylvia, her ex-husband “wants an exit from NOC” and for her to “buy him out at a very high price”. She declined to reveal the exact figure but confirmed that it’s “in the millions”.

“That’s why we’re fighting, and halfway through all our fighting about this, the drama happens,” she said, adding that while Ryan has claimed to have resigned from NOC, he is still the sole director of the organisation.