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Stefanie Sun, Who Just Turned 44, Says “Growing Old Sucks”; Kit Chan, 49, Tells Her She Will “Achieve Enlightenment”

That’s what friends are for, right?

Local songbird Stefanie Sun turned 44 last Saturday (Jul 23) and judging from photos of her celebrations on her socials, she had one sweet birthday.

The singer, who had several get-togethers with family and friends, had, not one, but at least four cakes, including a pistachio strawberry tart from Fann Wong, and this customised mahjong-themed cake, featuring the winning hand — Thirteen Wonders, or shi san yao – which she posed with alongside husband Nadim van der Ros.

The couple have two kids — a nine-year-old son, who's known to the public only as Na Xiao Zi, and a four-year-old daughter.

Cakes galore!

Besides intimate parties, Stef also unleashed her inner graffiti artist and indulged in a little street art with her family. Check out their family portrait. 

The Nadims were here
Artists at work

On Saturday, Stef took to social media to thank her friends and family for making her “feel loved and special” on her big day, even when she feels “very ugly and hides at home like a cave lady”.

She also couldn’t help but get a little philosophical about growing a year older, writing: “I think growing old sucks in so many ways, but only then you would have gotten to know people who stuck around in spite of everything, who love you no matter what new heights of grumpiness you bring and still call you a friend and family. My greatest achievement is you!”

Fans and celeb pals like JJ Lin, Zoe Tay, and Christopher Lee, who coincidentally shares the same hatchday as Stef, flooded her socials to wish her a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, former cave lady Kit Chan, who turns 50 in September, reassured Stef that things will get better.

“No lah, growing old doesn't suck! When you are as old as me, you will get onto the next level, and achieve enlightenment,” she wrote.

Photos: Stefanie Sun/Instagram

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