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Ze Liang Or Zetong? Sonia Chew Hilariously Calls Her Travel Show Co-Host By The Wrong Name


We’ve all had that ‘oops' moment when we get someone’s name wrong. But for 987DJ Sonia Chew, 30, that moment was unfortunately immortalised in an episode of her travel series, SSBD Hidden Gems.

You see, Sonia and YES 933 DJ Ze Liang, 25, have teamed up for the show, which sees them exploring hidden gems in Johor Bahru, Bintan and Batam.

And in the show’s second episode, Sonia accidentally referred to Ze Liang as Zhang Zetong, you know, the 2019 Star Search Champ, while speaking to a shop owner.

Oh, and there was no playing off that mistake 'cos Ze Liang was right beside her.

Watch the video to find out what happened (the timestamp's 4:09, by the way). Our story continues below.

"Did you hear that? She said Sonia and Zetong here. Zetong, if you’re watching this, now you know who she prefers, right?” Ze Liang immediately called out his co-host while addressing the camera. 

Sonia's reaction? "Oh my god, I called him Zetong again.”

Wait… again? How many times has this happened before?!

Later, Sonia explained that she has worked with Zetong a couple of times, appearing at events together, and even as co-hosts, which was why she mixed their two names up.

Sonica has a nice ring to it, no?

In any case, Ze Liang managed to get his ‘revenge’ on Sonia later in the episode, by presenting her with a witty wood-carved present — this Sonic The Hedgehog-like figure ‘cos well, it’s Sonia, not Sonic, okay?

And of course, the present was labelled “from Ze Liang, not Ze...”.


Will Zetong be the next co-host to join the show?

Over on social media, Zetong quickly caught wind of the faux pas, and took to his IG  Story to joke about it.

“[Sonia] be calling out my name but go on dates with [Ze Liang] (sic),” Zetong wrote in mock sadness, before calling on the producers of the travel show to feature him in the next episode too.

Catch all episodes of SSBD Hidden Gems on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded below.

Photos: SSBD Hidden Gems/YouTube, Sonia Chew/Instagram, Ze Liang/Instagram, Zhang Zetong/Instagram



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