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“Does She Taste Like Curry?”: Local Interracial TikTok Couple Sherrin And Yixi On The Worst Comments They’ve Received

The popular content creators talk about dealing with racism and setting an example for their followers on the latest episode of Mediacorp mental health podcast R U Okay?
“Does She Taste Like Curry?”: Local Interracial TikTok Couple Sherrin And Yixi On The Worst Comments They’ve Received

Singaporean couple Sherrin, 21, and Yixi, 24, are massively popular online. And no, we're not exaggerating.  

In just three short years, the duo, who are known as @sherandyx_ on TikTok, have amassed a whopping 1.6mil followers and more than 40.1mil likes on their vids to date.

Netizens have become enamoured with their content, which includes skits, trends, and vlogs on their daily life.

However, as a young interracial couple Sherrin is Indian and Yixi, Chinese  they have also received their fair share of hate.

They are the guests on the latest episode of the R U Okay? podcast, where they opened up to host Jean Danker and guest psychologist Katherine Koh about rising above the naysayers.

The couple first met on a dating app OKCupid, with Sherrin revealing that Yixi was the first person she met in real life from the app, and her first boyfriend.

The pair then briefly talked about the “stigma” that surrounds couples who have gotten together from dating apps. “[People usually associate] dating apps with hook-up culture and all that and I guess long-term relationships are not a common thing. Actually we’re trying to change that view,” revealed Sherrin.

“I think you are, you’ve been together for three years already,” assured Jean.

“You’re making content together as well, which, to be honest, I find kind of difficult  to work together and be together. At the same time you’re an interracial couple, so I’m sure you guys get all kinds of comments,” Jean continued.

According to Yixi, he realised that “things are not what [he] imagined it to be” after being in the public eye,

“Before we were content creators, we’ve watched videos of other content creators getting hate or getting cancelled,” he said. Sherrin added: “I think people are braver to say things online”.

She revealed that the hate was mostly targeted towards her during their earlier days.

“At that point of time, interracial relationships were very very new. Right now I would say it’s still getting more prominent, but it was very new when we first started. Everyone was saying how I don’t deserve to date him, or we should date our own races, and just very racist remarks about me,” she said.

The couple were affected by the comments at the start, but later came to the conclusion that the “certain type of people... won’t change”.

“You don’t have to change your personality or your opinion because of them,” said Yixi.

While they used to respond to their haters in an attempt to de-escalate the situation, they've come to realise that doing so “would not solve anything”.

Now, they just ignore the mean comments, and only step in when people start "generalising” interracial relationships.

So what is the worst comment they’ve received?

“Does she taste like curry?” said Sherrin, adding that the comment was targeted towards Yixi.

Jean and Katherine’s jaws dropped in shock upon hearing the terribly racist comment.


Sherrin and Yixi are thankful to have supporters who stand up for them.

“There will be people from Nepal, or even other countries that tell us that they watch our videos, and [the videos] make them smile,” said Yixi.

Sherrin added: “I have a lot of younger girls coming up to me. I've received DMs from them asking me how I’m confident in my own skin and race, because it’s very hated in the social media industry. I don’t know why. That makes me happy ‘cos I’m inspiring little girls to be more confident about themselves.”

Their families have also been supportive of their relationship since the get-go.

While Yixi and Sherrin have heard of other interracial couple who faced opposition from their families, they feel lucky that they don't share a similar experience.

“My dad thinks that the person you marry is the one you’re living with for the rest of your life, not your parents. So you have to have the say of who you’re gonna marry,” said Sherrin.

Catch all 3 seasons of R U Okay? on meWATCH here. You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify and meLISTEN.

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