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Sheila Sim Shows Off Baby Bump In Stunning Maternity Shoot

The actress is in the final trimester of her pregnancy.

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Sheila Sim Shows Off Baby Bump In Stunning Maternity Shoot
Sheila Sim’s almost eight months into her pregnancy and she’s absolutely glowing.

Yesterday (Aug 28), the 36-year-old mum-to-be treated her Instagram followers to photos from her first maternity shoot.

In the pics, Sheila looked as stunning as ever in a sheer white one-piece bodysuit which accentuated her pregnancy curves and showcased her endless legs. In fact, she liked the photos so much, she dedicated not one but three posts to the shoot.

“What was I thinking when I initially thought I didn't want to do a prenatal shoot? I'm so glad I did, thanks to everyone who advised me to do it, friends and strangers alike. It was a really beautiful and joyful shoot capturing this precious moment of my first pregnancy,” the model-actress wrote on IG, adding that she was “really shy” as she has “never done a lingerie shoot ever in [her] life”.

Though we're not sure this considers as a lingerie shoot but we're glad Sheila powered through her fear. We mean, just look at the photos.

In her second post, Sheila called her pregnancy a "wonderful journey" and thanked her unborn baby girl for choosing her. "You've made my journey such an unforgettable and enjoyable one,” she added.
For Sheila's third and final post, she described the past 34 weeks of pregnancy as "magic".
Sheila, 36, and her banker hubby

Deon Woo, 40, tied the knot in January 2018, and announced that they were expecting their first child on their second wedding anniversary this year. Sheila is due to give birth to their daughter in late September or early October.

Photos: Sheila Sim/Instagram, tomatophoto/Instagram

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