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Sheila Sim Pregnant Again; Calls It A "One Hit Wonder" 'Cos She & Her Husband Only Tried Once For A 2nd Kid

The 38-year-old actress says her second kid was conceived a day after her birthday on Jun 7. So best birthday present ever?

Sheila Sim Pregnant Again; Calls It A "One Hit Wonder" 'Cos She & Her Husband Only Tried Once For A 2nd Kid

Since welcoming her daughter, Layla, in 2020, Sheila Sim has been a very hands-on mum who enjoys documenting her parenting journey on Instagram.

Now the 38-year-old actress will have more to share. Yes, Sheila and her banker husband Deon Woo, are going to be parents again. 

When spoke to Sheila over the phone this morning (Aug 31), she told us that the baby was actually conceived a day after her birthday (Jun 7), and that makes it really special.

"It's a gift no matter which date but it's extra special 'cos it's so close to my birthday and it's so easy to remember," she said.

Sheila with Deon and Layla

8DAYS: Congrats! When did you find out out that you’re having a second baby?

SHEILA: I found out on Jun 29, and actually this time we were very lucky 'cos it was like a one hit wonder (laughs). We weren't expecting to be pregnant so soon because we only tried [to conceive] once.

But the timing is perfect 'cos Layla is already two and we were already trying, just that we didn't expect it to be so smooth.

The funny thing was, for my previous pregnancy I went to the TCM to prepare my body and this time we did the same thing. So I was waiting for my period to come so that I could take the medicine, but the period didn't come. (laughs)

What was your husband's reaction when you told him that you're pregnant again?

Both of us were very shocked. We wanted to wait for a while more to take the pregnancy test but I told him, "you know what just do lah" 'cos I really didn't feel right. My period was late for a few days and I was feeling extremely fatigued. This pregnancy I felt a lot more tired than the previous pregnancy. I feel like I just need to lie down all the time. 

So I [took the test] while he was at home and I told him, "Eh really leh". Then he said, "Huh really ah?" (laughs) It was nice, we were both very happy. 

Does Layla know she's becoming an older sister?

She does. I honestly don't know if she understands this concept of having a "didi" or "meimei" (younger brother or younger sister). For her, didi and meimei are always my friends' kids, and they'll always go home after they finish playing. But I don't know if she knows that this one's here to stay (chuckles). 

My friends told me that they'll usually be very excited to have a new child to play with but after one week they will start asking "When is the didi or meimei going home?" so I don't know how she's gonna be (laughs).

As of now she's okay lah, she's been a lot more clingy and needy but I can't tell if it's because there's a new baby on board or because she's turning two. 

Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?

[We] Don't know yet, we'll only know in about two months time? To be honest right, this pregnancy we're really quite chill. During the first pregnancy, even though we pretended and said we're okay with a girl or boy, in our hearts we wanted a girl (chuckles). 

Now that we already have a girl, we feel that whatever is given to us is God's gift. 

But everyone's been asking Layla whether she thinks it's a didi or meimei, and consistently, her answer has been didi, so it could be a child's instinct! 

Now that this is your second pregnancy, do you think that you'll be more relaxed as compared to your first?

Yah, I definitely am. Actually one of the things that I was very concerned about was that all my friends basically would say, "Aiyah you know the second pregnancy you don't care one already" and that was very sad for me to hear. I felt like "Huh, then it's very unfair to the second child right? What do you mean you don't care?" (laughs)

But now that I'm pregnant with my own I think the word is not "don't care", but like "confident"? The first one you'd keep checking on the milestones and the size of the baby, but this time sometimes I will go on for a week-and-a-half and forget to check on the process 'cos I know and trust my body [better]. 

Also at the same time 'cos there's another child for me to care for right, so the time will have to be shared between the two of them lor. 

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