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Rui En Really Wants To Know What It's Like To Date Younger Guys

The actress tells us how she convinced the producers of her new Ch 8 drama to pair her up with Xu Bin and why she's looking forward to bonding with Chen Liping again. Wait... they un-bonded?

Rui En Really Wants To Know What It's Like To Date Younger Guys

“Really ah? Thank you! Thank you!” chuckles Rui En as she buries her face in her hands when we tell her that she seems so much happier now. She may have made her mark as Mediacorp's numero uno ice princess but these days, she's really a warm, welcoming Rui of sunshine.

We’re now at the imaging session for upcoming Ch 8 long-form drama, Old is Gold, where the 38-year-old actress plays a supervisor in a nursing home. Joining Rui En in the studio are Chen Liping, who plays her estranged mother, as well as Chen Hanwei, who stars as her husband. (Spoiler alert: Their marriage doesn't last long), and her onscreen brother Edwin Goh. Missing today is Xu Bin, who will romance the actress in the drama.

It’s the first time Rui En’s playing the older woman in an onscreen relationship (Xu Bin is 30), and she’s more than thrilled to play a cougar. In fact, she tells us she was the one who suggested the May-December plotline to the producers.

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