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Richie Koh On Why He Didn’t Do Well For His PSLE & Why His Best Subject In Secondary School Was… “CCA”

The 29-year-old actor did excel in Mathematics, saying that his name “would always appear” when his teacher announced the highest scorers in the subject.
Richie Koh On Why He Didn’t Do Well For His PSLE & Why His Best Subject In Secondary School Was… “CCA”

“How did you do for PSLE?” is probably a question you’d be hearing a lot in the next few days since the results of the Primary Six Leaving Examination (PSLE) were announced yesterday (Nov 23).

In fact, that was one of the first few things Das DD wanted to find out about Richie Koh in a recent episode of bite-sized Mediacorp series #JustSwipeLah. 

Das and Richie also attempted PSLE questions with child actors Alfred Ong and Cana Yu, who both took their PSLE this year. ​

Revealing that he achieved a PSLE T-score of 199, Richie, 29, went on to say that when he was in primary school, he used to spend more time playing than studying.

"From primary one to four, I would always finish my homework before I go and play. But in primary five and six, I was just playing every day and did not prioritise my studies," he said.

This prompted Das to ask Richie if seeing his PSLE results made him want to work harder in secondary school.

The actor’s response? "Of course lah."

But did that actually happen?

"After I went to secondary school, I told myself I'd study hard in the last two years. But in the last two years, I still didn't study either (laughs).”

We can already tell how playful Richie was from that cheeky smile

That's not to say Richie was a bad student. Turns out, he was really good at Mathematics.

"Our teacher would write the name of the top three students and my name would appear every time. Wow, I was so proud! So proud that I didn't feel like studying after that. From then, it just went downhill," he chuckled. 

No wonder when he was asked what his best subject in secondary school was, Richie said "CCA".

"I really liked playing badminton at that time, but after that I realised that you don't get paid unless you win at championship games. And it was too exhausting. I was training from Mondays to Saturdays and I heard that during the training period they'd only give you a small allowance. By the time I wanted to switch activities, but it was too late."

"I kept training that my [leg] muscles became too big and I couldn't grow taller, [that's] my only flaw," he said.

Thankfully, Richie’s parents were really chill about his grades.

Apart from occasionally telling him to study hard, Richie said his folks didn't give him much stress.

"As long as I didn't fail and I'm happy, it's fine," he said. 

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