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Revealed: Celebs' Roughest Nights Ever

From getting 23 stitches to fending off burglars (armed with just a butter knife, no less), these are the celebs’ roughest nights ever.

In Rough Night, the chick flick comedy opening this Thursday (Aug 24), Scarlett Johansson plays an engaged politician whose bachelorette party gets out of control when the male stripper her pals hired dies in a freak accident. If you think that's bad, wait till you hear about the nightmares these celebs had been through...


“I stayed in a serviced apartment when I was filming in KL in 2012. One night, I was already in bed when suddenly, a group of men in their 20s started knocking on my door. They were talking loudly and smoking outside my room. I was so scared that I couldn’t move. I kept imagining that if they’d broken in, I’d have been raped and could have died! They eventually left and I fell asleep afterwards, but it was still an extremely scary experience for me. Early last year, I went to Tasmania with [Chen] Liping and two other friends and someone tried to break into the accommodation that Liping and I were staying in at 2am! We both jumped out of bed and our hearts were pounding. I grabbed a butter knife and walked towards the back door where the sound was coming from, with Liping behind me. I lifted the curtains and looked out of the window but the person was gone. We were so traumatised that we didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.”


“When I was in my 20s, I went with a group of friends to a nightclub in Malaysia. My friend kept making me drink even though I couldn’t hold my liquor well. He said that I wasn’t ‘man’ enough and that got me fired up, so I downed 10 glasses of whiskey shots in one hour to prove my masculinity (guffaws). I got so giddy and couldn’t walk properly and my friends had to send me home. I spent the night puking and I woke up with my face next to the toilet bowl. It was the craziest night I’ve had. Since that incident, I only have a maximum of two drinks if I go out!”


“It was an entire month in 2014 when I first gave birth to Aden. It was my first time breastfeeding and I didn’t know that it would be so difficult. Each time, the first five minutes of breastfeeding him was extremely painful as he’d sometimes bite me with so much force that I’d bleed. He had to feed every two hours, so I experienced the pain every two hours. I barely slept throughout my confinement month. I was taking care of him alone in Taiwan. It was so tough that I thought I was going mad. I even reached a point where I imagined myself throwing my baby on the ground. That’s quite scary, right? It’s definitely the roughest period in my life, and I am so glad it’s over now.”


“Back in 2012, my dad went missing and left us what looked like a suicide note. We started a manhunt around the island to look for him. None of us slept that night — we just scoured the whole of Singapore on foot [for my dad]. It really felt like we were on a wild goose chase. I also activated my friends, and out of desperation, I even resorted to asking my Twitter followers — my Twitter was still big at that time — against the advice of my mum. She said it might not be a good idea to do that since I was a public figure. But between saving face and having more [people help] to save my dad’s life, I’d rather sacrifice ‘face’. There were some a******* who thought it was really funny to give us false leads like, ‘Oh, I saw him at Geylang with some chickens.’ Some people also thought that it was a publicity stunt. So besides the physical and emotional toll of dealing with my dad’s disappearance, I also had to deal with all this other s***. In the end, my dad made contact with us the next day, after slightly more than 24 hours. His disappearance was due to depression. Since then, my dad and I have come a long way. In fact, one of my songs that I’m releasing hopefully later this year is a ballad that I wrote for him and it’s called ‘Superhero’. So something good came out of all that turmoil.”


“My dog, Hershey, recently had a nail bed infection. The vet told me it could be an auto-immune disease and put her on antibiotics. That night, I woke up at 1am, and saw her fidgeting all over the place. I cut open her bandage and I saw her paw all raw and bloodied with pus. I rushed her to the vet immediately. They gave her some meds and injected her with some stuff which really doped her out. When we came back at 3am, she was just on her bed, staring blankly into space, zombified. That really freaked me out. I’ve heard stories of dogs that are totally well and suddenly, they fall sick and can die in a day. It’s very, very scary. So I didn’t dare to fall asleep. I made an appointment to go to another vet for a second opinion in the morning. Then I just laid in bed, staring at her. I spent a couple of hours till about 7am trying to stay awake and just looking at her to make sure she doesn’t die on me. Every now and then, I’d go over and touch her to make sure that she was breathing. It was not a good night.”


“I was travelling with my wife from Los Angeles to Boston during winter in 2011 and the airline lost our luggage. It was -2 °C and all I was wearing was a T-shirt and jeans. The airline informed us that our luggage would only arrive the next morning. We were freezing to death. It was at night so we decided to go out for dinner, but we were so cold that we went back to the hotel within five minutes of stepping out. We tried to order room service but room service was over. So we had to choose between starving in the room, or freezing in the cold to look for food. In the end, we chose to starve until 6am when room service resumed again to order our meals. The good news, though, was that we got $600 from travel insurance.”


“I was at a beautiful villa in Phuket and was clearing stuff from the poolside, walking in and out of the villa. One side of a glass door was opened and the other side was closed. I accidentally put my foot through one of the glass doors and it started bleeding. I was in shock. I was sent to the hospital where I got 23 stitches across my shin. Staying in the hospital in Phuket is cheaper than staying in hotels — only $120 a night. So if anyone needs a budget travel option, you can check into the Phuket hospital. Just kidding! The entire medical treatment came up to a few thousand dollars, but my travel insurance covered that. I was really lucky that it was only my leg that went through, and not my head too — I’d also hit my head against the glass and there was a little crack on the surface where my head had hit as well.”



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