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Inside The Best-Kept Secret Wedding Of Rebecca Lim & Matthew Webster

How the star managed to get 600 people (including!) to keep quiet about her Ritz-Carlton do is testament to how much people love her and respect her privacy.
Inside The Best-Kept Secret Wedding Of Rebecca Lim & Matthew Webster

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“She has never sought the limelight as often she found herself in it,” so said Rebecca Lim’s younger sister Melissa in her speech that she delivered with her older brother, Daniel, at the actress’ wedding last night (Nov 27), which had the honour and pleasure of attending.

No truer words have been spoken about Becks — her siblings call her “Ling” — who often comes across bashful, even sheepish about the fame and popularity that she is grateful for but also ambivalent about.

She remains fiercely private and low-key, or as private and low-key as a star as well-loved as she can be. Her beautiful and understated wedding was testament to that.

At close to 8pm, Rebecca and her now-husband Matthew Webster, both 36, entered the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore while ‘How Did I Get By Without You’ by John Waite played in the background.

There were 60 tables of guests waiting in anticipation for them, but the wedding can still be considered a hush-hush affair.

Social media posts were embargoed until 1pm today and it wasn’t revealed to the public when and where her wedding was going to be. Even more impressive was how she managed to get 600 guests who were privy to the information to keep it secret too.

That, to us, is a reflection of not just how private Rebecca is but also how well-loved she is by everyone. That so many trigger happy and social media-addicted people would do it out of respect for her.
As much as her wedding is a cause for national celebration, she would not have wanted her nuptials broadcast to the whole of Singapore... not that there’s anything wrong about that. But for Becks, she would have felt it to be an imposition, an inconvenience even, on the general public.

Matthew and Rebecca sharing a tender moment during their wedding

She looked stunning in a coolly elegant Viktor & Rolf gown, complete with a bow at the back and a long train. Her second dress for the night was also from the Dutch luxury brand. Matthew, on the other hand, looked handsome in a tux as crisp as his sense of humour.

His dad Andrew delivered the first speech of the night. His opening line? “I’m very happy tonight”.

He regaled the crowd with tales of Matthew and Rebecca’s courtship, like how the couple chose to spend Valentine’s Day with him and his wife, Caroline. “It’s so reflective of the generous and inclusive nature of Rebecca, especially when it comes to family,” he added.

He described his son as a “fine, outstanding gentleman”.

“Fine in the sense that I never had to pay a parking fine for him, outstanding ’cos he has never come home flat drunk,” he joked.

He said his son is a “lucky man”, bringing up Rebecca’s support of Matthew’s love for music and guitar playing, the sounds of which “reverberated through the house” that he and his wife have had to put up with over the years.

It’s no wonder wedding emcee Hossan Leong quipped that Andrew’s speech was a tough act to follow.  

The guests were treated to an eight-course dinner, what seemed like a never-ending supply of wine, and a special performance by Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim.

Matthew and Rebecca looking picture perfect during the cake cutting ceremony

Speaking of guests… where do we start? Seated on the same table as us were Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, billionaire heiress and beauty empire mogul Kim Lim as well as most-loved-villain-turned-Star-Awards-Top-10-artiste Brandon Wong.

Spotted during the banquet were stars past, present and forever: Li Nanxing, who looked so trim and fit in his silver suit, Pierre Png and wife Andrea De Cruz, woman-of-the-moment Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping, Elvin Ng, Shaun Chen, Jesseca Liu, Romeo Tan, Felicia Chin, Diana Ser, Xiang Yun, Chen Hanwei, Chen Liping and Rayson Tan, Ben Tan, Hong Ling and Nick Teo, Sharon Au, who is visiting from Paris, Chen Shucheng, Huang Biren, Belinda Lee, Cherie Lim, Joey Swee, Aileen Tan, Cassandra See, Nat Ho, who is now based in Korea and is back just for the wedding, and Annabelle Francis and husband Sheikh Haikel.

You know, just to name a few.

Zoe Tay, we hear, could not make it as she injured her leg.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee with Rebecca and Matthew

Rebecca’s “over-protective” older brother Daniel and “even more protective” younger sister Melissa brought on the laughs and a PowerPoint slide show for their speech. Revealing never-before-seen childhood photos of the bride, including a pic that Daniel said “hopes is the only naked photo you will ever see of my sister”, the siblings were on form when it came to roasting the bride.

“Many of these [embarrassing] stories about my sister are actually well published. I don’t think we will be able to embarrass you any further, but I’ll try,” he added.

They also delivered the night’s most touching moment — and there were many, mind you. Sharing that their parents were criticised “a lot” for allowing their sister to pursue acting as a career but she has since made their mum and dad “very, very proud”.

“Your accolades and awards will always bring them joy, but there’s no greater joy for them than to see you be a good person and lead a happy life… Mum and dad will always be your number one fans,” said Melissa.

We saw Becks tearing up and dabbing her eyes with her napkin.

Matthew’s dishy best friend and “soul mate” Jonathan also said a few words, starting his speech off by joking how the groom now “looks so much better with Rebecca by [his] side”.

“Never let her go,” he added.

Near the end of the night, after the yum seng toast and just before dessert, Matthew and Rebecca took to the stage to give their speech. They first thanked their matchmakers, which includes Becks’ make-up artiste and pal Shaun Lee.

“I’m so glad it did [happen] ’cos it has changed our lives for the better and has made me, in my opinion, the happiest person alive,” said Matthew.

Rebecca revealed that their first meeting was “not so good and really awkward”. They met at a dinner organised for the both of them with six other people present. “And every time Matthew and I spoke, there was sudden silence in the room and everyone gazed at us like the heart shaped eyes emoticons,” she laughed.

She said they didn’t speak much at all to each other during that first meeting and at the end of the night, she thought he was either not interested in her or was forced by his mum to turn up.

“It wasn’t the case at all. I was really smitten. And I was so shy, I genuinely didn’t know what to do,” Matthew added, as the guests collectively swooned.  

They went on to thank their parents and family, Rebecca’s voice breaking as she talked about her dad’s health battles in the past. “My dad could still make the funniest jokes to make us laugh when he was suffering inside... Dad, you are my number one hero,” she said, choking back her tears.

We don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

It was close to midnight by the time the wedding came to a close. Matthew and Rebecca stayed back to chat with their guests and entertain selfie requests, exhausted but clearly on a wedding high.

They would stay in the ballroom well into the night, surrounded by those nearest and closest to them, which we believe is the perfect ending to a perfect night for a perfect couple.

Becks and Matthew during their second walk-in
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