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Nurul Aini Serenades Scammer With Perfect Rendition Of A-Mei’s Song In Mandarin

Now, that’s one way to deal with those super pesky scammers.


Remember when local actress Nurul Aini shared this video of her telling off one of those annoying scam call operators in fluent Mandarin last month?

The 40-year-old, whose command of Mandarin would most likely put quite a lot of us to shame, strung the scammer along by pretending to be fully taken in by the scammer, who was impersonating an Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer.

The highlight came when she declared that her name was “Ni De Ma”, which translates to "Your mother" in English.

In her caption, Aini said she had a longer version of the call, which ultimately ended with her "calling him a bastard in Mandarin”.

"Next scam call is going to be am interesting one, I am going to sing for him/her,” she wrote.

Ape kau berbual suar roughly translates to: What in the world is this person saying.

And now, just two weeks later, we finally have a sequel.

On Wednesday (Sep 7), Nurul posted this video on both her Instagram and TikTok.

"Told ya I was going to sing for the next scam caller right? Here ya go,” she wrote, adding the hashtag “scamming the scammers”.

This time round, the scammer was pretending to be an official from the Ministry of Heath (MOH). Just like before, the call started with the scammer trying to convince Nurul that she'd done something wrong, with the actress playing along and pretending to be scared.

Then, the scammer asked for Nurul’s name. This time round, she chose to go by “Lim Ah Mei”.

“You will find out later why I chose this name,” Nurul added in the subtitles.

We wonder how Nurul's husband, who was in the car with her, managed to keep a straight face throughout the call.

The scammer and Nurul then proceed to go through the motions, with the scammer “pretending to type” and convince Nurul of the severity of her supposed “offence” in Mandarin, while Nurul tries her best not to burst out laughing.

Finally, Nurul’s time to shine arrived. When the scammer asked if she understood that the authorities intended to ‘blacklist' her, Nurul replied decisively: “Oh… I don’t want.”

Time for Nurul to channel her best A-Mei.

Taken aback, the scammer asked: “You don’t want? What do you mean?”, which basically became the cue for Nurul to burst into song.

Turns out, Taiwanese diva A-Mei’s 1996 classic hit, 'So You Don’t Want Anything’ was perfect for this situation.

“I don’t want your promises, I don’t want your forever, as long as you can love me once more,” Nurul crooned…. only for the scammer to hang up almost immediately.

Honestly, wasn't that super rude of him?!

Can’t get enough of Nurul’s singing? Check out her appearance on Suria’s mystery singing competition, Berani Nyanyi? on meWATCH here, or in the video embedded below.

Photos: Nurul Aini/Instagram



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