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Nurul Aini Doesn’t Allow Anyone To Use Her Bathroom In Her House — Especially Not Her Husband

One of the perks of an upgrade from a 5-room flat — his and hers toilets.

Nurul Aini Doesn’t Allow Anyone To Use Her Bathroom In Her House — Especially Not Her Husband

“I am a clean freak,” Nurul Aini tells “I get very annoyed when the house is in a mess or when things are not placed properly, so every morning, my helper makes sure all the cushions are neatly arranged, and before I go to bed, I check that the house is spick and span.”

We speak to the actress, 39, who recently gave #JustSwipeLah a tour of her three-storey terrace house in the east. And it’s pretty clear that the Lion Mums star keeps her Scandinavian-style abode, where her family-of-five has been living for almost four years, quite minimalist and uncluttered. She also refuses to share her private bathroom with other people (more on that later).

Pass the patio and front sliding doors and you see the roomy living space where the family spends most of their time, and further in, the dry and wet kitchens.

The bright and airy space is all about muted tones and clean finishes. The white and light wood scheme lends a sense of warmth, while the marble tables and counters give the home a luxe feel.

You won’t find a lot of bulky furniture in the house. Nurul likes her home spacious so her three kids, son Shan Ehan, 11, and daughters Shaista Eman, nine, and Shania Eva, two, have plenty of room to run around.

But it almost didn’t turn out this way.

Nurul, who was previously living in a five-room flat, was so excited about moving into the sprawling property that she wanted a different theme for each of the six bedrooms and four bathrooms.

“My interior designer was like ‘No, you don’t want that ‘cos you will have a headache. It should be cohesive, and you have to stick to one theme, and it should follow through for all the rooms.’ I am so glad that I listened to my ID, or I’d have to renovate my house again,” she confesses.

While it may sound a little extreme, we wouldn’t put it past Nurul. After all, she almost gave her ID a nervous breakdown when she wanted her feature wall, where her TV is mounted, changed at the last minute.

“When we were renovating the house, I told my ID that I wanted this marble effect kind of feature wall. It's white with some grey motifs and I was the one who chose it. It was already fixed, then two days before we moved in, I told my ID to change it into something plain,” says Nurul.

“It’s actually quite plain but if you looked closely, you'd be able to see the grey motifs and it was an eyesore. I think I’d get a heart attack if I had to look at it every single day,” she explains.



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