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NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Chan Now A “Life Coach In Training”; Offering 1-On-1 Coaching Calls In June For $35 To $88

The 35-year-old shared that she’ll use all her “life experience”, including her “divorce experience [and] saga experience” to guide those who sign up for her coaching calls.

Co-founder of now-defunct YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), Sylvia Chan, has a new side hustle as a life coach. The 35-year-old made headlines in late-2021 after an exposé containing accounts from ex-NOC employees accusing Sylvia of being a toxic and abusive boss.

At that time, Sylvia was also in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from her ex-husband Ryan Tan, 35 who co-founded NOC with her.

The dust from the whole saga soon settled after a few months, and Sylvia later joined global creator and entertainment company Gushcloud International, as their regional head of media strategy. She also works on content and community at online publication Savour365.

On May 20, Sylvia shared on her Instagram Story about her latest project, revealing that she’s been studying to become a life coach.

A life coach is typically viewed as a guru or wellness professional who “counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges, to reach their ultimate goals”, as defined by one virtual life coaching platform.

Meet life coach Sylvia.

Sylvia went on to share that she’s “finally ready to take on coachees/clients (sic)”, promising that she’ll use all her “life experience, work experience, divorce experience, saga experience, entrepreneur experience, [and] creator experience” to help guide clients.

Explaining why she’s chosen to become a life coach, Sylvia wrote in a subsequent IG Story: “I’ve received soooo many requests to share my learnings on EVERYTHING that has happened. But before I do that via content, it is SO important for me to pick up a NEW skill in addition to all I already know (sic)”.

“I WANT to live and breathe professional, result driven frameworks + knowhow as a life coach to direct my coachee (and you!) to a better place for YOU, dish advice that are tangible and actionable to YOUR own lives in addition to sharing my epic stories and lessons! (sic)” she added.

Fastest fingers first?

Sylvia also shared a link to a Google form for interested parties. The form consists of a handful of questions, including one where Sylvia shares that she “would love to get you onboard if our stars align”, requesting applicants to share more about themselves, and why they’re looking for coaching from Sylvia.

Rates for the 1-on-1 coaching call, which will take 60 minutes, vary, with three prices — $35, $60 and $88, depending on what the client is able to financially commit to.

Sylvia explains in the form that she’s offering flexible rates as she’s still a “student life coach” who is set to graduate in July this year. 

“Thank you for reaching out and I would get back to you by 31 May if you are selected as my first ever INAUGURAL batch of coachees (who will definitely be super special and dear to me!) (sic)” she chirps at the very end of the Google form. 

We wonder how many calls one would need to reach an ultimate goal?

Here are some of the questions from Sylvia's sign-up form.

Photos: Sylvia Chan/Instagram



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