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Netizens Say Wang Lei “Disgraced" Singapore By Teaching Foreigners To Swear In Hokkien While On Holiday

The getai-singer-turned-live-stream-sensation is now broadcasting live from France, where he's been making bank promoting high-end luxury goods.

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Netizens Say Wang Lei “Disgraced" Singapore By Teaching Foreigners To Swear In Hokkien While On Holiday

After making waves in Singapore, Malaysia and China with his foul-mouthed ‘Fish Selling Bro’ persona, getai singer Wang Lei is now live streaming from France, where he’s on holiday.

Previously, it was reported that the 60-year-old was raking in the big bucks there, having sold S$1mil worth of products during a two-hour stream from a Gucci outlet in Paris.

Wang Lei also posted an image of an invitation from Versace, asking him to conduct a live stream in their outlet at the La Vallee Village in France.

Other than that, Wang Lei has been sharing vids of him goofing off in France, doing everything from singing Hokkien songs at Paris Disneyland, to teaching Caucasians Singlish phrases and very colourful Hokkien swear words.

A clip of Wang Lei's, um, tutorial has since garnered around 475,000 views as of press time. It was also reposted onto TikTok by local media outlet MustShareNews, where it's viewed some 260,000 times. Here's the clip:

However, it seems that some netizens are less-than-pleased with Wang Lei’s antics.

A disgruntled reader wrote in to Chinese daily Sin Min Daily News, griping that Wang Lei has “damaged the reputation of the country” with his actions.

The reader also brought up the recent controversy surrounding Wang Lei’s appointment as a guest speaker at this year’s Singapore Writers Festival (SWF). Then, a number of local writers expressed their disapproval, citing Wang Lei’s image as a “crude" individual who peppers his words liberally with swears.

“He can’t continue on with his low-brow humour just ‘cos swearing while selling products on live stream made him popular. The more famous he is, the more he should not act rashly!” the reader wrote.

Over on TikTok, a couple of netizens were also displeased with Wang Lei’s actions.

Xia suay (Hokkien for being a disgrace) until France! (sic)” one netizen wrote, while another commented: “Money can’t buy you class, period.”

Yet another netizen wrote: “Don't xia suay SG (sic)!”

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