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Nat Ho Has Left Singapore To Study In Los Angeles For One Year — Or Maybe More

“I have first day of school jitters!”

Nat Ho Has Left Singapore To Study In Los Angeles For One Year — Or Maybe More
Nat Ho hangs up on us abruptly 20 seconds into our conversation. Our WhatsApp pings a moment later. Turns out, he had dropped his entire bag of food and even shattered a glass bottle on the roadside while we'd been talking. But his mood quickly lifts up. The amiable actor is super chatty today, and when he calls us back, he continues yammering on as though nothing happened, because he can’t quite contain his excitement about the next 12 months.

“I’m going back to school!” the 35-year-old squealed over the phone. “Life is good! My keto business is taking off, everything is working out well! I’m excited for classes to start, I think I have the first day jitters!” Yes, Nat’s ostensibly pumped and raring to go — go to Los Angeles and start a new chapter of his life, that is.

By the time you read this interview, the singer-actor would already be celebrating Independence Day with his friends in LA. He’s due to start school in mid-July at private music school Icon Collective, where he will be taking up a music production course for a year, where school fees alone are $30,000 at least.

This isn't the first time Nat has left Singapore in pursuit of his music dreams. In 2013, he jetted off to Taiwan, where he underwent a K-pop-esque idol training bootcamp of sorts, and returned two years later to star in Ch 5 long-form drama, Tanglin.

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