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Naomi Neo Started Going To Therapy For Her Kids

The 27-year-old influencer shared more about the incident that made her realise she had a “problem” in this episode of Mediacorp mental health podcast R U Okay?.


In the latest episode of podcast R U Okay?, local influencer and content creator Naomi Neo, 27, had an enlightening conversation with Class 95 DJ Jean Danker and the guest psychologist Jeanie Chu about mental health.

Naomi, who started a public blog at 15, shared that she still struggles with finding her own voice, even as she consciously holds back on what she posts today. 

In the early days of her blogging career, Naomi attracted quite a fair bit of controversy after sharing that she’d lost her virginity at the age of 15. 

Looking back at it now, Naomi admitted that she “didnt understand the severity of putting certain things online”, and that the repercussions from that incident affected her greatly.

The influencer added that she tries to be “as safe as possible” with the content she puts out these days, as she has “more responsibilities, people to answer to, and consequences as well”.

Watch the trio discuss and share more about some accessible therapy resources for young teens with no support systems in Singapore in the video below.

Naomi went on to share that ‘cos of her trust issues, she has trouble confiding in other people. As a result, she used to rely solely on her partners.

“[But] by relying on one person, it puts a lot of pressure on that person as well. And that’s something that I only learnt about maybe in the last couple of months,” she said.

Naomi is married to 30-year-old businessman Han. The couple has two kids together — a son Kyzo, five, and a daughter, Zyla Rey, two.

She eventually realised this was wrong after an incident with her kids.

Naomi with her husband and their two kids.

“I feel that it started to become a bit unhealthy, the way that I was really trying to transfer all that energy onto my kids. I started having these kind of expectations as well, for them to be there for me,” she said.

“Why am I expecting my child, who was only four back then, to be emotionally ready for me? He’s not even at the age where he’s capable of doing that. So why am I expecting him to understand my emotions? I should stop acting like that. So that was when I realised that there was a problem with myself, and that I really had to go out and meet people again, and connect with people,” Naomi continued.

Naomi added that she feels like the biggest step forward she took this year was to finally commit to going for therapy, after years of contemplation.

“That was when I realised that this is something that I really need to work on, and it’s not something that I can do on my own,” she said, adding: “The motivation behind that is actually my children. If I’m not mentally well, I really can’t be there for them. I can’t be their support when they need me to.”

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