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Influencer Naomi Neo Spent S$20K On Her Daughter's Dino-Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Netizens were left super envious, with some asking Naomi if she wanted to adopt them.

Influencer Naomi Neo Spent S$20K On Her Daughter's Dino-Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Most Singaporeans would be familiar with influencer and YouTuber Naomi Neo, 27, by now.

The Internet star started out as a blogger in her teens, and has done extremely well for herself. She has worked with brands such as Shopee, Secret Lab and Sephora, and in 2021, launched her own beauty brand Nnchanted. 

Safe to say she’s making bank. 

Naomi, who is married to 30-year-old businessman Han with whom she has two kids, is also not one to shy away from showing off the results of her career, such as her S$600K Lamborghini Huracán and her lavish landed house. 

Yesterday (Feb 15), Naomi shared a TikTok of the party she recently threw for her daughter Zyla Rey’s 2nd birthday.

The cost of the bash? A whopping S$20K. 

If anyone is confused as to how a party can cost that much, perhaps watching the TikTok would give you some insight.

The party was held in Naomi’s house, which was done up like a dino lover's dream. 

The backdrop of the photo corner was beautifully decorated, with lights that spelled Zyla’s name, balloon arrangements and 3-D dinosaur sculptures.

She also showed off Zyla’s two-tiered cake, which had dino decorations to match the sculptures. “Told the team I wanted 3-D dinos, so everything was handcrafted,” wrote Naomi in her video. 

The party also included “edible dino sensory play”, a bouncy castle, a mini ball pit and a magic show for the kids. 

Better yet, the children also had their own dining table, which was covered in dino-themed cutlery. 

Referring to little Kyzo, who turns five this June, Naomi threw shade at her haters, writing: “And netizens prolly gon’ say I don’t love my son now.”

Here's how the 3D backdrop turned out
And here's Zyla's super cute birthday cake

Turns out, her son wasn’t as much of a discussion topic as compared to the amount she was willing to splurge on the party. 

Netizens flocked to Naomi’s comments, asking if she was interested in “adopting” them. 

“At this point, hi mom, I’m turning 30 this year,” joked one netizen. 

Others were also envious of how Naomi and her family seemed to be “living the life”, with one netizen calling her “a Kylie Jenner dupe”. 

“Should have wrote [sic] a blog when I was younger dang,” read another comment. We can’t help but agree with this one.

The family of four in their new house 
Photos: Naomi Neo/ TikTok, Naomi Neo/ Instagram



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