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Elvin Ng, Tyler Ten & Other Mediacorp Stars Sing Karaoke & Toss Yusheng With The Elderly At 2 Senior Day Care Centres

Looks like CNY has come early.


On the fourth day of 2023, eight artistes from Mediacorp — Pierre Png, Elvin Ng, Ayden Sng, Fang Rong, Herman Keh, Tyler Ten, Zhai Siming and Gini Chang had an early Chinese New Year celebration with the elderly at two senior day care centres run by the Home Nursing Foundation.

Apart from turning up with games and activities planned — just look at Pierre belting out tunes alongside a senior — the artistes also came prepared with special goodie bags for the elderly present.

Wonder what song they were singing along to.

Home Nursing Foundation also gave everyone a peek into what went on that afternoon in their Instagram caption, writing: "The seniors had a lot of fun belting out catchy tunes in a karaoke session and participating in the joyous and boisterous tradition of tossing Yusheng with the artistes, alongside other lively activities like CNY Bingo.”

From left to right: Tyler, Herman, Siming, Elvin, Pierre, Ayden, Fang Rong, Gini.

"I feel so happy and blessed to spend half the day with the elderly. Wishing them good health and for them to continue having a smile on their face,” Pierre shared in a press release by Mediacorp’s artiste management arm The Celebrity Agency.

Tyler added: “Starting the year with such a meaningful activity made me feel really happy.”

Gini also shared that there were a couple of aunties who reached out to her to convey some New Year blessings, which really warmed her heart.

Click on for more pictures from the festivities.

Finger hearts reigned supreme when the time came to take photos.
Unintentional twinning: Ayden and Fang Rong pose next to the third member of their white dress code club.
We spy another finger heart in this picture with Tyler...
... and two more in this picture with Pierre and Siming.
It's the year of the rabbit, so it's only fitting that Elvin gets some bunny ears, right?
Pierre's officially the king of karaoke.
So many goodie bags!
Quick! What's your go-to lo hei phrase?
Time to dig in.

The elderly also got to get up close and personal with the stars for a couple of pictures together, and honestly? Best way to kick off 2023, if you ask us.

Okay now — say cheese!
Battle of the peace sign duos. Did Tyler do it better...
...Or did Herman do it better?
All smiles.

Thumbs up for a great afternoon spent!

Photos: The Celebrity Agency



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