Love 972 DJ Kenneth Kong has revealed that he is one of the passengers on a Dream Cruises ship that returned to Singapore on Wednesday morning (Jul 14) after a guest on board tested positive for COVID-19.

At about 9am, Kenneth, who has three young children with his wife, posted a video of himself informing his followers of the situation from the balcony of his room.

Delivering his update in the style of a newscaster, he read out the notice that all guests received from the captain, which confirmed that a guest on the cruise was reported to have been in close contact with a COVID-19 case on shore.

The guest was immediately isolated for testing and came back with a presumptive positive result, while their close contacts had tested negative. The Ministry of Health will test further samples from the guest for additional confirmation of their status.

All other passengers were instructed to remain in their rooms for their own health and safety. All activities on board have been halted, with only essential service crew members being allowed limited movement within the ship.

When reached out to Kenneth for a comment, he sent us his official statement, which reads: “On Sunday afternoon, July 11, my family of eight started staying in two separate cabins on the Genting World Dream Cruise. The four-day, three-night voyage was originally scheduled to return to shore at 9am on July 14 and departed at 11am.”

“However, at 2am on the 14th, the captain announced that there was a passenger who was preliminarily diagnosed with COVID-19. This passenger’s companion and close contacts were all quarantined and tested with the assistance of the crew.”

“Then, at about 6.30am, the captain informed all passengers to stay in their rooms and the cruise company issued a notice regarding the situation. All those who were in close contact with the positive case have tested negative.”

“Fortunately, me and my family are not on the quarantine list. Our SafeEntry records determined that we did not have any close contact with the patient. We are remaining on the ship under the careful arrangements of the cruise company and are awaiting further notice from the authorities. Thank you to all our friends for your concern. The staff have worked hard!

Kenneth then said that he will not be commenting further until there are new updates on his situation. He later took to his Instagram stories to reassure everyone that he and his family are “very safe”.