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Lee Teng's Wife Loses Baby Six Months Into Pregnancy

The host revealed the heartbreaking news on Instagram.

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Lee Teng's Wife Loses Baby Six Months Into Pregnancy

Lee Teng and his wife, Gina Lin, have lost their baby six months into Gina’s pregnancy.

The Singapore-based Taiwanese host revealed the devastating news on Instagram early this morning (Jul 28), posting a black and white photo of their hands cradling Gina’s baby bump.

He wrote: “I wish to apologise to everyone. It’s a pity that ‘Little Bean Sprout’ will not be able to meet you. He quietly came and left. Gina and I are grieving. As a mother, this is a very difficult time for Gina.

“My wife and I are deeply saddened by the loss. Pardon us if we are not able to reply any messages at the moment. Please give us some time and space to overcome this plight. In the meantime, stay safe and take care.”

The sudden news triggered an outpouring of condolences from netizens and the couple's celebrity friends.

Michelle Chong, the boss of Lee Teng's management agency Left Profile, wrote: “Stay strong and take good care of yourself and Gina,” while Yao Wenlong said: “There will always be another chance [to have a kid]. Please take care of yourself.”

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