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Kym Ng Is So Low Profile, People Were Shocked When She Turned Up For Her Dad’s Wake

She’s her family’s best kept secret.

Kym Ng is dressed in her finest heartlander auntie getup. And by that we mean a too-big-for-her-frame T-shirt with cat motifs and a pair of comfy-looking black pedal pushers for those daily wet market excursions. Tucked under her armpit is a tote bag, which is also embellished with cat motifs so we’re guessing, she’s not just an auntie, but a cat lady too. We’re at the imaging session for upcoming Ch 8 drama Dear Neighbours, where Kym Ng plays Lin Shu Juan, a garang fish stall owner. Also in the studio this morning is actor-cum-tarot card reader Yao Wenlong, who plays her hubby in the drama.

As always, the spunky Kym is the life of the party, and wherever she goes, laughter follows. Case in point: She and Wenlong are now chuckling over the actress’ im-puss-ibly cute outfit and so infectious is her laughter that we can’t help but find ourselves giggling along too, even though we don’t really know what the joke is about.

There’s no doubt that Kym is one of the most popular women in Singapore — seriously, good luck finding someone who has something bad to say about the pint-sized dynamo — but little is known about Kym’s private life. Details about her husband, who she got married to in 2009, is especially scant. Even more surprising is how, in this day and age, no photo of the couple has made its way onto social media.

In fact, the actress-host, whose real age is still a mystery, has kept such a low profile that her brothers’ colleagues didn’t even know that they’re related to Kym until they saw her at her father’s wake. #truestory.

So we decide to sit her down after the imaging sesh to learn her secret to keeping things secret.



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