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Kim Lim Officially Single After 8-Month Legal Battle With Ex-Husband, Who Tried To Claim For Items Like A $120 Pair Of Crocs

Kim and her ex Leslie signed the papers yesterday (Feb 7). got more details from sources close to the heiress.


Billionaire heiress-turned-beauty mogul Kim Lim, 31, and her 34-year-old IT entrepreneur ex Leslie are legally wife and husband no more. 

The ex-couple tied the knot  in a lavish, fairytale wedding ceremony earlier last year. However, their marriage only lasted two months, with Kim removing all traces of Leslie from her socials soon after.

In late December, Kim spoke to local magazine Icon Singapore, where she shared that their marriage turned sour after she found out that Leslie was a completely different person before and after marriage.

A source close to Kim also shared with that Kim was subjected to "verbal abuse that badly affected her mental health" during the short-lived marriage. 

Earlier today (February 8), Kim took to her Instagram Story to share that her split from Leslie is now legal.

Kim reposted this snap of her enjoying celebratory champagne last night (right), and confirmed her divorce earlier today.

“Finally. The past 8 months have been super traumatic for me but I am happy that I am finally done with all the nonsense I had to deal with because of you,” she wrote.

Kim went on to share that she’s “super duper glad to be able to put all these behind me and move on with my life”.

“Although I am disappointed with how everything turned out, I am also thankful for having learnt a valuable lesson,” she concluded, adding a emoji of a bride, with a red X over it.

She's officially single now.

Sources close to Kim revealed more to about the split.

As it turns out, Kim and Leslie were locked in a legal battle for the past eight months, and according to the source, signed the deed of separation papers yesterday (Feb 7).

The proceedings were held up as Kim's ex had come up with a "long list" of things that he wanted to claim from Kim after their split.

“[The list of items] included a S$120 pair of Crocs and Sonos speakers worth $1200,” one source revealed, adding: “But the claims didn’t hold up in court.”

Kim and her ex-husband Leslie at their Guo Da Li ceremony.

Apart from attempting to claim the items from Kim, one source shared that Leslie took back all the gold bars that he had presented to Kim during their Guo Da Li ceremony (betrothal ceremony] in February 2022.

At that time, it was estimated that the gifts, which included a large assortment of gold jewellery, gold bars, a well as two Hermès bags and a pair of Rolex watches, cost about S$2mil.

However, another source revealed to that the majority of the Guo Dai Li gifts actually came from Kim's side. 

The same source also shared that Kim's ex still owes her a huge sum of money — an amount that's apparently close to half a million — which Kim had loaned Leslie to pay for the wedding.

"He said he would pay her back but he didn't," added the source.

Photos: Kim Lim/Instagram



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