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Julie Tan Claps Back Against Body Shamers Who Compared Her To An “Airport”

A large number of the crass comments appear to have been left by men.

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Julie Tan Claps Back Against Body Shamers Who Compared Her To An “Airport”

In case you haven’t been on Instagram in the past few weeks — Julie Tan jetted off to the Maldives in early September, and she’s been filling our Instagram feeds with envy-worthy snaps of her gorgeous beach vacay.

And of course, a beach vacay would also mean swimsuit pics, right?

On September 21, the 29-year-old actress and video game streamer posted a picture of her lounging by a beachside pool in a bikini, with this caption: "I’ve had many haters make snide remarks about my body, flat chest, airport yada yada. One more comment don’t make no difference. Bring it. (sic)”.

While the comments on Julie’s Instagram post were very lovely — her celeb pals and netizens left comments praising Julie for her confidence— it was a whole other story on TikTok.

As it turns out, Julie had posted a video of the view she woke up to every morning in her private villa, which comes with a built-in pool, and an unobstructed view of the sea.

​​​​​​​However, netizens on TikTok paid more attention to Julie’s chest with a number of netizens comparing it to an airport's runway.

How mature, guys.

“No wonder can travel although covid… she got her own airport (sic),” one crass netizen wrote.

Julie remains very much unbothered by these netizens, though.

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