It’s no secret that Joanne Peh, 38, and Qi Yuwu, 44, have run into quite a bit of trouble when it comes to renovating their dream house.

The couple first shared in September last year that they bought a new home located in the east side of Singapore recently and that renovation works had already started. It was previously reported that their new home is a landed property. Joanne has since confirmed that that is not true, though she declined to reveal more about their new place.

At that time, Yuwu shared in an interview with that he and his wife had run into a couple of problems regarding the reno. However, they still hoped to move into their new place by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, more than a year on, the couple are still not done with the reno. 

Along the way, we’ve gotten snippets of their struggles with securing reliable contractors and vendors through updates on Joanne’s IG.

Like this post from June, where the actress shared that she has "invested so much time speaking to different companies and learning about their culture”, adding that she and 715 could tell "when vendors are in for the quick buck or if they’re truly passionate about what they’re doing". 

In another post later that month, Joanne wrote her home reno has been "quite the project with lots of existing structural challenges and details to look over, made even more tedious with lockdowns and labour crunch".

Despite the delays and struggles, Joanne remained largely positive, ending each post with a reminder of what the couple’s thankful for.

However, her recent post was a little different.

On Nov 12, Joanne hinted that she had run into a contractor who wasn't being totally honest.

"Contractors — perhaps there’s a reason why it starts with CON, though I cannot understand why it has to be this way. Do I look like a carrot?” she questioned in her post.