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JJ Lin Is Co-Founder Of This NFT Community Together With ‘Next-Gen Billionaires’ Including Peter Lim’s Son, Kiat

The third partner is Elroy Cheo, and together they aim to "co-create Asia’s dominant NFT brand”, touted as "Asia’s first app-based tokenized community”. So, a really cool club?

Pencil Singaporean singer JJ Lin in as one of the many celebs who’ve hopped on the NFT (non-fungible token) bandwagon. Earlier today, it was announced that the 41-year-old is the co-founder of NFT community ARC.

ARC, billed as an app-based digital private platform with a “community of progressive innovators, creatives and thought-leaders that authenticates member profiles with NFTs”, was announced in January this year. 

From left to right: Kiat, JJ, Elroy.

The project is founded by local ‘next-gen billionaires’ Kiat Lim, 29, and Elroy Cheo, 37. Kiat is the son of local billionaire Peter Lim. Elroy is part of the family behind edible oil business Mewah International. Showbiz aficionados will also know that Elroy used to date Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao.

A Forbes article states that Kiat’s entrepreneurial experience includes working with his father to launch ZujuGP, a digital community built around soccer that is endorsed by Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Elroy is described as having dabbled in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He is also a self-taught Web3 expert.

JJ's part of the club.

According to a press release, ARC hopes to co-create Asia’s dominant NFT brand by "bringing the best of Web2 and Web3 worlds together”. It is also touted as Asia’s first app-based tokenized community.

In a statement, JJ shared that he’s excited to be part of the ARC movement. 

"It is the only community today that brings hugely diverse groups together with a very strong purpose of growing and co-creating. That’s what really inspired me to take a very active role in this project as Co-Founder,” he said.

In an interview with Forbes, Kiat referenced the recent cryptocurrency crash, saying: "We want to foster adoption from people who are not crypto natives, who perhaps have a bit of distrust in the space because of all the current news.”

Photos: ARC, JJ Lin/Instagram



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